10 Ideas for That Bonus Room Above Your Garage: The Perfect Space Awaits

10 Ideas for That Bonus Room Above Your Garage: The Perfect Space Awaits

By: Sarah Dirks


September 12, 2022

Whether you’re desperate for a bigger home office or you’re eager to hop on that home gym trend, you may be left searching for more space in your home. Not to worry, we have a solution—build a bonus room above your garage.

Much like finishing an attic or basement, building a room above the garage will provide more square footage, can increase the value of your home, and improve curb appeal. This project will make room for that yoga studio, epic game room or home theater, but it can be a complex process. We’ll provide ideas for your bonus room above the garage, and tips to help your project go smoothly!

What You Need to Know About Building a Bonus Room Above Your Garage

Before you get started creating your dream space above the garage, there are a few things you need to know. First, this project will be an investment. The cost will vary depending on whether your garage is attached (cheaper bonus room addition) or freestanding (more expensive), and the extent of construction needed (reinforcing the existing structure, adding power and plumbing, etc.). Consider using a cost calculator (like these from Home Advisor or Fixr) to get a better idea of how much you’ll need to budget for your project.

Remember, even though it’s an investment, building a bonus room above a two-car garage can add up to 400 sq. ft. of additional space! (That’s a lot of room for the kiddos to play!)

Contact professionals

Creating a bonus room above the garage is complicated. That’s why it’s so important to contact professionals like building inspectors, engineers and construction workers when planning your project. You’ll also need to check building codes and ordinances if you’re changing anything external, so reach out to your local municipality. For even more information, check out our FAQs below!

Bonus Room Above Your Garage Ideas

Once you’ve got the space built out, here are 10 awesome ideas to get the most out of your bonus room! Don’t forget, these ideas can also be used in an unfinished attic or basement.

1. Home Office

Is your home office just not cutting it anymore? If you work from home, you need to take advantage of the space above your garage! Turn your bonus room into a place where you can get work done, free of distractions.

This home office idea from Pinterest is simple and sleek, including plenty of storage with drawers and floating shelves. The large windows let in the light and give the illusion of a larger space.

2. Game Room

Whether you have video gamers in the family, or your kids like to play air hockey or foosball, the bonus room above your garage is the perfect spot for a game room. Set up a PC gaming system with all the bells and whistles or create a space for family air hockey tournaments.

If you’re considering adding heavy game tables (like a pool table), talk to your structural engineer to make sure your flooring can handle the weight.

The game room pictured above is a multi-purpose space. It’s a great idea to include multiple features in a bonus room, so everyone can enjoy it! Whether you want to play a board game, challenge a sibling to ping pong, or watch a game, you can do it all.

3. Playroom

Create a playroom above the garage for your kiddos! A designated playroom takes the mess away from your main living space and also gives your kids lots of room to have fun.

Be sure to include their favorite toys, along with some comfortable furniture or bean bags. Consider plenty of storage and shelving to keep everything organized and use boxes and bins for a simple clean-up.

This colorful playroom includes plenty of open space for kids to play, as well as a table and chairs for creative fun! Notice the bookshelves are nestled in the wall to conserve space.

Bonus tip: Check out this blog for some great bonus room above garage design ideas for your playroom. (There’s even a mini rock wall!)

4. Home Gym

Forget the gym membership and build a home gym above your garage! You can include lifting equipment and machines, free weights and more—be as creative as you’d like. Just make sure to put padding or mats under any equipment to protect your floors. If you’re looking for a more Zen workout space, create a yoga studio with mats, exercise balls and pillows.

The home gym idea pictured above makes use of multiple pieces of equipment in a spacious workout area. The windows, light fixtures and bright accent wall produce a positive and comfortable environment to work out!

Bonus tip: Make sure your garage can support heavy equipment before transforming your bonus room into a home gym. It’s a good idea to check with your contractor in case you need to reinforce the structure to handle the weight!

For even more home gym inspiration, check out our blog with Small Home Gym Ideas.

5. Spare Bedroom

If you don’t have a spare bedroom in your house, or you need an additional guest room, create one above your garage. You can either build a suite for guests, including a kitchen or bathroom, or just provide a simple room and bedroom set, like the one above. This attic room design can easily translate to a guest room above the garage!

6. Lounge Room or Den

Make the bonus room above your garage a relaxing and comforting lounge room. Just add a TV, couch or comfortable chairs, and lots of pillows. Whether you want peace and quiet to binge the next season of your favorite show, or you need space for family movie night, a den above the garage is a great solution.

This lounge area is complete with fluffy pillows, a large TV, and a table and chairs. Make this space your own by adding accent rugs, picking unique art pieces, or letting the kids help you decorate.

7. Apartment Rental

Looking to take advantage of under-utilized space, and make some extra money? Construct a loft apartment above your garage that you can rent out! You’ll need to make sure this bonus room has heating and plumbing so you can include a bathroom and kitchen in the space.

8.  Home Theater

Have you always wanted to experience the cinema at home, but didn’t have the space? Design a home theater above your garage. Go all-out with furniture (like recliners or a comfortable couch), a large projector, and blackout curtains. You can even buy a popcorn maker to get the full movie experience, as well as hang posters or photos of your favorite classic movies.

Check out this home theater with an added kitchen area. If you need snacks or a drink during the movie, you don’t have to walk far!

Bonus tip: Find some of the best home theater seating options in this blog.

9.  Bunk Room

Create space for multiple guests with a bunk room. Whether you’re hosting the holidays, or your kiddos want to have a slumber party, it will come in handy to have room for everyone!

You can either use bunk beds, lofted beds (for added space underneath), or do something similar to the image above. By lining the beds against either wall, you can maximize your space.

10. Multi-Use Room

If you can’t decide how to use your bonus room above the garage, or you want to apply more than one of these ideas, consider a multi-purpose room. Create a home office with a home gym in the corner, or construct a lounge area that also serves as a game room. The opportunities are endless for your bonus room, so don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas.

This bonus room combines the idea of a lounge area and includes a reading nook!

Above-Garage Bonus Room FAQs

Can you build a living space above a garage?

Yes, you can! Building a bonus room above the garage is a great way to get more square footage in your home. It is important to check zoning ordinances and local building codes first thing to ensure your project is doable. You’ll also want to contact an engineer, construction company or plumber depending on how extensive your bonus room project is!

Can a bedroom be above a garage?

Yes, a bedroom can be above a garage. It is important to talk with a building inspector before building a bedroom above the garage, along with an engineer and construction company, to ensure the project is done correctly.

Do I need planning permission to build above a garage?

Whether or not you need planning permission to build above your garage depends on your local jurisdiction and what exactly your project will entail. It is a great idea to check with your local or city jurisdiction before starting the project, and check building regulations.

How do I build a bonus room above my garage?

When building a bonus room above the garage, the first thing to do is to contact professionals. You’ll also need an engineer or contractor to verify the structure, check safety codes, and add plumbing or utilities. Our blog is more design-oriented, but you can find more construction-oriented tips in this blog from This Old House!

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Do you have a bonus room above your garage? Are you considering building one? Let us know which idea you found most inspiring in the comments below!

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