DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts: 9 DIY Ideas for That Special Someone

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts: 9 DIY Ideas for That Special Someone

By: Nicholas Sollitto


February 1, 2023

The only thing better than receiving a DIY Valentine’s Day Gift is giving one.

Knowing this, we curated a special list of 9 do-it-yourself Valentine’s gifts that are sweeter than a chocolate heart. From snazzy sneaker shelves to a spa kit, any one of these gifts are sure to have your significant other smiling wide and feeling loved.

Here are 9 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

  1. Snazzy Sneakers
  2. Get Cookin’, Good Lookin’!
  3. Mason Jar Surprise
  4. Spa Day
  5. Valentine’s Toast
  6. Chive Never Met Anyone Like You
  7. Honey-Do List
  8. Say Cheese
  9. The Key to Their Heart

We’ve curated this list with items that can be created with some crafting basics like a hot glue gun, construction paper, and a little creativity, as well as some items that may involve a little investment of time and/or money. One thing all these items share is that you can do them yourself, and the recipient will (hopefully) cherish them for a long time.

1. Craft a Snazzy Sneaker Display

Is your significant other infatuated with sneakers? Maybe a little too much at times? Well, how about crafting a unique display to show off their prized collection? Several retailers produce clear boxes and display cases designed to showcase Air Jordans, Nikes, Vans and more.

In addition, you can also get creative and use a variety of shelving options to create a stunning sneaker display. For an added touch, run LED light strips under each shelf to really allow your loved one’s kicks to stand out.

2. Bake a Cake (or something)

Baking or cooking can be challenging. But making some delicious cupcakes or serving a romantic dinner makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to make the batter from scratch or buy a fancy pasta maker—just do your best! (Cookies from a tube? We’re in!)

If you choose to make baked goods, put them in a bag or box and package them up nicely. (Think lots of hearts.) For the dinner route, set the table, maybe light some candles and use a tablecloth, just go all out.

Remember, even if your attempt turns out to be a complete failure, you’ll always have something to share and laugh about as the years go by.

Counsel from Cupid: check out this blog for top Valentine’s treats to make for your partner, or try these recipes for a decadent dinner!

3. Valentine’s Mason Jar Surprise

Looking for a special way to give your Valentine a romantic surprise? Start by purchasing a Mason jar and customizing its exterior with holiday décor or a personal message (we told you you’d need a hot glue gun). Next, fill the Mason jar with several Valentine’s Day surprises.

The best part about this DIY gift idea is that you can completely customize it to your special someone’s liking. Surprises you can place inside the Mason jar range from candy, love letters, self-care essentials, coupons for backrubs, and so on.

Counsel from Cupid: Consider using this DIY gift as a method to cloak other surprises such as concert tickets, gift cards and more.

4. Create a Spa Kit

Everyone could use a little rest and relaxation once in a while, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat your significant other. Go full-on DIY and make bath bombs (it’s not that hard, you can make them in the kitchen), homemade soap, sugar scrub and more. Or, if you have time (or talent) constraints, you can always buy spa products and put them together in a cute basket. Or, you can always just give your loved one a gift card to their favorite spa. (It may be the easiest option, but they’ll still love it.)

Counsel from Cupid: If you’re purchasing spa products, get sample or single-use sizes to save money and provide variety.

5. Custom Drinking Glasses

Customizing a coffee mug or drinking glass is a great way to give your special someone a heartfelt gift they can continue to use for years to come. There are several ways to easily customize a coffee mug or drinking glass with unique photos or designs.

If you are looking to make a custom photo mug, you can use a third-party service such as Shutterfly or VistaPrint. Or, if you would rather take a more hands-on approach, you can etch a pair of pint glasses yourself.

Counsel from Cupid: Check out this etching tutorial from Thistlewood Farms that is sure to have your sweetheart toasting to another year of love. Who knows, maybe glass etching will become your future side hustle?

6. Grow an Indoor Garden

Yes, roses are normally the go-to for Valentine’s Day, but save some money and grow an indoor garden instead. You can include your loved one’s favorite plants, herbs, succulents or even flowers for a special surprise. The best part is you can work on it together!

Counsel from Cupid: Check out this blog for some awesome indoor garden ideas.

7. Finish Projects Around the House

Imagine how excited your Valentine would be if suddenly a number of tasks were crossed off the honey-do list.

Whether there’s a physical list or it’s unsaid, you probably have a good idea of things that need a little attention around the house. Maybe the dishwasher hasn’t worked in a while, or the faucet is leaky. Or, if your loved one despises cleaning the toilet, take one for the team and do it yourself. Just take a few minutes, or a few hours, and get stuff done! Your Valentine will appreciate you crossing things off the list.

DIY Valentine’s Gifts FAQS

Q: What should I make for Valentine’s Day DIY?

A: There are some great DIY gift ideas in this blog! You can also gift your significant other jewelry, art, chocolates, candy or flowers!

Q: What should I make for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day DIY?

A: You could give your boyfriend something DIY from this blog! Consider building him a sneaker shelf or creating custom drinking glasses. You could also make him dinner or his favorite dessert.

Q: How can I make Valentine’s Day special with no money?

A: Valentine’s Day can still be special on a budget! Check out our ideas above for handmade, DIY gifts, make a romantic dinner, or spend the holiday doing something outdoors together (like hiking, biking or even just walking).

Q: Do guys like flowers on Valentine’s Day?

A: You know your partner better than anyone, but flowers or chocolates are a thoughtful gesture that they’ll appreciate. You can also give him sports gear, grilling tools, custom mugs or a sneaker display!

Q: What is the most common Valentine’s Day gift?

A: Chocolates and flowers are some of the most common gifts for Valentine’s Day.

What DIY Valentine Gifts Will You Tackle?

Ultimately, you don’t have to spend your life savings on an expensive or sparkly gift to give that special someone this Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, it’s the little things (or the things you make yourself) that really mean the most.

So, before you go buy a diamond necklace or look for the newest Jordans—try a thoughtful “do it yourself” present for your loved one this year.

As always, if you need more space—perhaps your significant other’s shoe collection has taken up half the bedroom—just check out Store Space. Use our storage finder to locate your nearest facility.

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