Top Organization Pinterest Accounts You Need To Follow in 2022

Top Organization Pinterest Accounts You Need To Follow in 2022

By: Sarah Dirks


January 12, 2022

Organization is in, clutter is out. So, it’s time to organize your kitchen, pantry, laundry room, closet, bedroom and everything else. Clear out clutter, clear your mind.

And where, you might ask, can you find these life-changing organization tips? From some of the best organization Pinterest accounts! They share plenty of great ideas and posts to inspire you.

Learn how to organize your kitchen and successfully meal prep with Jo, discover steps to create a nightly routine with Simply Spaced, and even find tips to declutter your mind with Jennifer. Organizing can impact your whole life, not just the state of a few drawers.

We even did a little pre-organizing for you. Here is a list of some of the best organization Pinterest accounts to look out for as you begin your journey!

Find simple tips like how to declutter and organize your home, as well as how to make routines, plan your meals, embrace a slower-paced life, and create space through simplicity.

Check out some of our favorite organization influencers on Pinterest:

Top Pick For Decluttering Tips: Simply Spaced


top pick for the best organization pinterest accounts simply spaced
simply spaced pins

Focused on transforming cluttered minds and spaces, they offer the tools, tricks, and space-saving solutions that empower you to live with less clutter in a home that supports you to live your best life.

Top Pick For Home Organization Hacks: Life’s Carousel


life's carousel one of the best organization pinterest accounts
life's carousel pins

From Chaos to Calm—advice on keeping your home clean and organized. Cleaning and organization tips and hacks to make your life better.

Top Pick For Actionable Organization: The Organized You


the organised you pinterest
the organised you board

Clever, creative tools to help busy women create more calm and balance through organization.

For Creating space through simplicity: Simply + Fiercely


simply + fiercely pins

Jennifer is a traveler, minimalist and dream chaser who helps people create space, through simplicity, in their lives and homes.

Wrapping Up: The Best Organization Pinterest Accounts to Follow in 2022

Are you inspired to get more organized? Whether you just want tips to declutter your closet, or you’re looking for ways to declutter your life—these content creators have it all.

You can learn how to eat simply, or how to clean out your pantry. Find minimalist lifestyle tips or ways to declutter your living space. Learn how to live a simple life, or merely how to achieve simple design. (You can even take a clutter quiz from Simply Spaced!)

Hopefully, this list of our favorite influencers has helped you organize your thoughts before you start organizing!

Happy organizing!

Check out our other top Pinterest accounts for 2022!

We are “Storage That Cares” about you, and your organizing adventures! We’ve found some of the best content creators on Pinterest in order to save you time and help you get organized!

Now you know so many new organization tips and tricks—from minimalist tips, to simple design, to decluttering ideas and even ways to help organize your mind (crazy, right?).

So, we want to know, what did you think about our list of top organization Pinterest accounts for 2022? Engage with us on Pinterest, Facebook or any other social media platform to let us know!

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