Top RV Pinterest Accounts You Need to Follow in 2022

Top RV Pinterest Accounts You Need to Follow in 2022

By: Sarah Dirks


January 12, 2022

Are you a full-time devotee of the RV life? Do your weekends tend to revolve around a campsite instead of a lawn mower?

We’ll let you in on a little secret—Pinterest is a great place to discover some amazing camper tips, tricks and all things RV-related. Learn how to clean and organize your recreational vehicle, find ideas for renovating your camper, and even get familiar with some great places to camp around the U.S.A.

The best part is that we’ve already found some of the best RV Pinterest accounts, so you don’t get lost searching for tips from the top influencers!  

Justin and Stacy have already scoped out the best places to camp in Oregon, Ashley has discovered some of the coolest RV kitchen gadgets and accessories, and experts at RV obsession have even designed some awesome bathroom models.

No matter what size RV you own, whether it’s a small camper van or a 35-ft.-long fifth wheeler—you can find everything you need for an awesome RV experience from our favorite influencers!

It’s time to do your research and get on the road! Here are some of the best RV content creators to follow in 2022.

Top Pick For RV Life & U.S. Travel: Opting Out of Normal


Opting out of normal one of the best rv pinterest accounts
opting out of normal rv pin board

Justin & Stacy’s super fun family lives and travels full time in their RV, visiting all their bucket list destinations. They share helpful ideas & hacks on RV life, and U.S. travel tips. They’re our top pick for this year’s list of the best RV Pinterest accounts to follow in 2022.

Top Picks For RV Hacks & Tips: RV Obsession


rv obsession pinterest account
rv obsession pins

Whether you’ve got a Class A, C or B, a fifth wheel, or travel trailer, you’ll find everything here about RVs, RV life, and RV storage and organization.

For Ideas & Resources For RV Living: RV Inspiration


rv inspiration board

Full-time RV-er Ashley shares her best ideas and inspiration you can’t live without.

Wrapping Up: The Best RV Pinterest Accounts to Follow in 2022

Want to make the most of your RV trip?

Then you have to check out these awesome content creators. Read up on making renovations to your camper, creating more space, organizing your closet, finding multifunctional furniture, and researching some of the best places to explore.

There’s no better place to start looking for inspiration than Pinterest. Since RV life is becoming more and more popular (because it’s amazing), more and more people are posting, blogging, and creating boards with tips and tricks.

Good thing we’ve put together a list of our favorite RV influencers just for you. Hopefully, they help with your next adventure!

Check out our other top Pinterest accounts for 2022!

We are “Storage That Cares” about you, and your RV adventures! We’ve found some of the best content creators on Pinterest in order to save you time and help start your next road trip.

What did you think about our list of top RV Pinterest accounts for 2022? Engage with us on Pinterest, Facebook or any other social media platform to let us know!

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