How to Store Comforters in Small Spaces – In 5 Steps

How to Store Comforters in Small Spaces – In 5 Steps

By: Andrew Mazzonna


November 4, 2021

Whether you’re changing out your bedding for a new season, moving, transferring to long-term storage, or live in a small apartment, you’re probably wondering how to store your comforters properly. Many are big and bulky which makes them hard to fold and store in tight places.

We’ve found two methods which work well to store comforters in small places: the rolling method and the vacuum method.

Minimize space with the comforter rolling method

Our rolling method is perfect for minimizing the amount of space your comforter takes up. Take that king-sized comforter and turn it into a tiny, manageable roll. Here’s how:

  1. Wash and dry your comforter according to the label instructions
  2. After it is completely dry, fold it into thirds widthwise so you end up with a long sheet. Pro Tip: Add dryer sheets or odor absorbers at this point to keep your comforter dry and smelling fresh
  3. Roll the folded comforter tightly into a small roll
  4. Secure the roll with a ribbon
  5. Store in your linen closet, storage bins/baskets, or blanket bags

Vacuum packing method

Another effective method involves your vacuum cleaner and vacuum bags. The rolling method doesn’t cost anything, however vacuum storage bags (also known as space bags) are not too expensive and are effective for shrinking comforters to a manageable size. Make sure to buy an extra-large or jumbo-sized bag, then place your comforter inside, attach the nozzle to the valve and turn on your vacuum!

It is especially important to make sure your comforter is 100% dry before starting this process since the airtight seals will keep any lingering moisture inside. Using a garbage bag and zip-tie can be substituted for the vacuum storage bag, but it’s more likely to lose its compression factor over time.  

Tips for comforter storage

  • Comforters need to breathe, so choose a dry storage location. Mold and mildew grow with moisture, so make sure you dry your comforter completely and store it in a dry place. Linen closets, wicker baskets, and cotton blanket bags will allow the fabric to breathe and not attract moisture, but these methods don’t allow for much compression.
  • If necessity dictates that you store your bedding in airtight plastic totes or sealed storage bins, take extra care to ensure the fabric is dry before storage
  • Desiccants and moisture absorbers such as cedar chips or silica packets are great for ensuring a low moisture storage environment.
  • Blanket hangers or comforter hangers are useful for short term storage but aren’t useful for minimizing space because they don’t compress the comforter.
  • There’s a good chance your comforter is made of cotton, polyester, or another synthetic material. These materials are safe to compress and should fluff back up when you take them out of storage.

Bedding organization can be tedious but satisfying and worth the effort when you are preparing for a move or if you have limited space around the house.

Warning: Natural down comforters are hard to store in small spaces. If you have a goose down or feather comforter, compressing it by either of these methods may cause damage. Down comforters should be rolled loosely and not vacuum packed. Check the label to be sure.

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