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Make the Most of your Unit Space

Make the Most of your Unit Space

By: Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry


June 30, 2020

You rented a unit to stow your extra stuff and now it’s time to fill it. It may seem like a no-brainer, but going in with a plan to organize your storage unit will make your life easier when it comes to finding what you need when it comes time. So, before you start unloading, remember that there is better way. Follow this plan for organizing your unit so you can retrieve what you need with ease.

Create a center aisle in your storage unit. When you place everything in the center you have access to all items. Keep your items off the unit walls, leaving a small space around the perimeter for ventilation. Place all items on pallets if possible, to keep them off the floor and allow for airflow under and around large boxes.

Store dressers and tables top-to-top. Disassembling large furniture, removing the legs and storing it on its end will increase your unit space, giving you even more room for storage. It also makes it easier to access the items in your unit.

Utilize the height of your unit. Don’t forget, you not only have ground space, you also have the space up to the ceiling to use. Use the heaviest and sturdiest of boxes on the bottom, stacking the lighter ones on top. Storing large items on their ends will also create valuable space.

Put items that you will use most often in the front of your unit. This may seem obvious, but if you think you may possibly need something sooner than later, put it near the front for ease in retrieving it later.

Label every box. Don’t try to rely on your memory—record the contents and the room it belongs in (i.e., kitchen, bedroom, etc.). You’ll be glad you did it when you can find what you need right away instead of opening box after box looking for it.

Use wardrobe boxes for more than just clothes. Utilize the unused height in your unit by packing clothes, drapes and blankets on hangers in a wardrobe box. Don’t forget the space under the hanging items in the wardrobe box, which can be used for lightweight things like extra hangers, pillows, etc. Make use of all of your space.

Store items with long handles in trash cans. Items like rakes, shovels and brooms can easily be stored right-side-up in a plastic or metal trash can, keeping them out of the way in a safe manner.


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