12 Food Trucks You’ve Got to Try in San Antonio

12 Food Trucks You’ve Got to Try in San Antonio

By: Sarah Dirks


April 22, 2021

At Store Space, we don’t just care about storage units. We love our local food hotspots too! Here’s a shoutout to all the hardworking food trucks in San Antonio, plus some of our favorite mobile kitchens you have to try.

Food trucks have become a permanent fixture in San Antonio’s cultural scene feeding the local’s need for diverse cuisine made fast and affordable. Serving as an alternative to sitting down at restaurants, hungry customers can eat on the go or enjoy some tasty foods in the San Antonio sunshine.  

Now one question to consider is what really qualifies as a food truck? If it stays in one place permanently, does it still count? The most common definition of these mobile kitchens are, “a large vehicle equipped with facilities for cooking and selling food.” So, it appears that even food trucks with a constant home at a park or center still qualify—giving us even more tasty options! 

Here’s our look at some of the top San Antonio food trucks found around town. We tried to identify if a truck has a permanent or semi-permanent home, but it’s always a good idea to check their website or Facebook page to see where they might be on any particular day.  

There are so many great places to eat in SA that we couldn’t fit it all in one blog! Visit our “San Antonio Foods You Just Can’t Miss” blog to see some upscale, and non-traveling restaurants.

Popular Locations for San Antonio Food Trucks 

1. The Block SA 

Located at 14530 Roadrunner Way, The Block SA is a popular food truck park that serves as a gathering place to munch on a variety of dishes and drinks. Here are a couple of food trucks that frequent the location that you have to try out: 

Zulia’s Kitchen

A typical Venezuelan meal from Zulia’s Kitchen: cachapa, patacón, cheese empanada and chicha (drink). As photographed by The Pink Plate on instagram. Follow The Pink Plate for more local cuisine in San Antonio. Photo used with permission. 

Zulia’s Kitchen dishes up mouth-watering Venezuelan food. It was even mentioned in SA Current as a top San Antonio Food Truck in 2020. Be sure to try their cachapa con queso, a fluffy corn pancake stuffed with cheese, empanadas or their Venezuelan mozzarella sticks, called Tequeños.  

Bull Gogi Boys

Or, check out Bull Gogi Boys, San Antonio’s first Korean food truck. One of their specialties, you’ve guessed it, is bulgogi! Bulgogi, (pronounced “buul-GOH-ghee”) is a high-quality, thinly sliced beef marinated in a tasty sauce. Try their namesake dish, some loaded fries or even Korean street tacos.  

Go Vegan San Antonio

Vegan? There’s a spot for you in The Block too! Go Vegan San Antonio offers vegan eats and drinks. Try their dairy-free mac ‘n’ cheese or BBQ burger mac for plant-based nutritional comfort foods! They also have smoothies, teas and milkshakes to quench your thirst!  

2. Street Fare SA 

Located at 1916 Austin Hwy, Street Fare SA is the place to find great food and fun for all ages. The park has a covered pavilion to protect foodies from the elements, so you can visit the park rain or shine! The food trucks that visit Street Fare SA can vary, but they have a calendar on their website of what trucks are in the park currently and will be in the future. Here’s a few frequent fliers:  

Sauce’s Southern Kitchen

If you’re itching for some authentic Cajun/Creole food, stop by Sauce’s Southern Kitchen. Even if you’re an expert on Louisiana cuisine, don’t raise your nose at this truck and walk by. Owner “Chef Sauce” is from Ville Platte, Louisiana, and only uses his exclusive recipes. Try their red beans and rice with sausage, gumbo and even fried shrimp or catfish po-boys. You won’t be disappointed!  

Bobcat Bite Food Truck

Must try bacon mac cheeseburger at Bobcat Bite Food Truck. Photo by @201 Culture Media, courtesy of Bobcat Bite Food Truck. Photo used with permission.

Bobcat Bite Food Truck dishes up classic American food—burgers, dogs and fries, oh my! But, there is a slight twist. Their poutine fries are covered with gravy and cheese curds, so make sure to grab a fork! They serve up some tasty and unique entrees- from their bacon mac cheeseburger to the cream cheese siracha dog and frito pie dog.  

3. The Rose Bush 

Located at 2301 San Pedro Ave, The Rose Bush food truck patio has indoor and outdoor seating. The space can even be rented out for private events, and patrons can bring their own adult beverages. There’s also a playground for kids to run and play, and seating to relax and eat some good grub! Try out some award-winning food trucks that visit the Rose Bush often: 

Krab Kingz Seafood

Mouthwatering, juicy seafood platter. Photo used with permission from Krab Kingz.

Krab Kingz Seafood serves juicy and delicious seasoned crab legs, shrimp, crawfish and much more. Originally starting in Houston, San Antonio has come to call Krab Kingz a must-go seafood truck! It’s even been featured in SA Current as one of the best food tucks in San Antonio in 2019.  

Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks

Now one food truck we can’t forget to mention is Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks. No, that’s not a typo, it’s just the “PH”iladelphia way. Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks is a decorated food truck, winning SA Current’s “Best Food Truck” in 2019. With a frequent location in The Rose Bush food truck park, and another truck often at the corner 12002 O’Connor Road, stop by to grab phresh-cut phries with a variety of toppings, and mouth-watering cheesesteaks.   

Mexican Eats on the Go 

If you call San Antonio home, you know there’s some great Mexican food options. But did you know about the Mexican food trucks? With so many to choose from, we get it can be overwhelming. So here’s a couple suggestions for Mexican trucks you definitely need to try.  

Mister Diablo Taco Truck

Mister Diablo’s famous al pastor, authentic to Mexico! Photo used with permission.

If you’re looking for the best tacos in San Antonio, look no further than the Mister Diablo Taco Truck. Voted Best Tacos in the City by the San Antonio Magazine in 2021, these are the tacos to try! Located at the back of Broadway News at 2202 Broadway, munch on some Mexican street tacos al pastor, on delectable tortillas with spicy green and red salsa. You can even add pineapple, lime and cilantro to add another level of flavor.   

Carnitas Don Raúl

Tasty tacos with sides of salsa and guacamole in front of the Carnitas Don Raúl food truck. Photo used with permission.

If you’ve ever watched the Netflix Original “Taco Chronicles,” you may have seen Carnitas Don Raúl. That’s right, this truck’s carnitas are so great they’re on Netflix, how cool is that? Most often found at 2202 Broadway, you can grab Mexican tacos and quesadillas with tender, flavorful pork! Don’t forget to try their salsas and fresh guacamole to top off the masterpiece. 

San Antonio Food Trucks to Find in the AM 

Picture this, it’s early in the morning, you’re exhausted and need a pick-me-up before work. Magically, you look to your right, and there’s a coffee truck! As if it couldn’t be any more serendipitous, you can just walk right up and get some coffee and pastries. Food trucks aren’t solely for food, the number of trucks serving lattes, mochas and americanos would whole-heartedly agree!  

Early Bird Coffee

Early Bird’s airstream trailer, ready to serve up specialty drinks and pastries to every coffee lover that stops by! Photo used with permission.

Early Bird Coffee is a small classic airstream trailer, normally located in the Huebner Oaks Shopping Center. They offer a variety of specialty coffees and pastries from a local bakery. From espresso to lattes to teas, you can get your coffee craving satisfied at Early Bird. Be sure to try their horchata latte or white chocolate lavender latte. Oh, and don’t forget to read the cups—the staff hand-stamps all of their coffee cups with phrases like “Mom Fuel,” “Coffee Loves You” and “Support Your Local Caffeine Dealer.” How fun! 

Southbound Coffee

If you’re closer to the south side of San Antonio, another top coffee spot is Southbound Coffee located at 103 Carle Avenue. This colorful pink and blue truck is an eye-grabber and if you look closely, you’ll notice the décor is Frida Kahlo themed. We don’t know if Frida tried Southbound Coffee, but we do know many have and the reviews are great! Try the dirty horchata latte, iced Mexican mocha or even chai tea late to get your tasty caffeine fix. 

Espada Coffee

It’s impossible to pick just two of the best coffee trucks in San Antonio, so we decided on three. Espada Coffee is located at 1119 Camden Street, serving nearby coffee seekers in Saint Paul Square and downtown San Antonio. This bright pink truck can be spotted from a mile away, serving specialty drinks like horchata cold brew and lattes along with the matcha special. A combo of matcha, milk and sweetener. If you’re looking for a tasty beverage and great customer service, this is the place to go!  

Common FAQs

Q: How many food trucks are in San Antonio?

A: There’s so many food trucks in San Antonio, it seems impossible to count them all. But, rest assured there are well over 100 mobile kitchens in the area, with every kind of cuisine you could wish for!

Q: How to find food trucks in San Antonio?

A: Food trucks aren’t too difficult to find! The website Roaming Hunger has a map and list of food trucks in the San Antonio area, or if you know exactly what truck you want to visit you can check their website or social media outlets to find their location.

Q: Where are the food trucks in San Antonio?

A: They’re everywhere! But many are stationed in food truck parks like the ones mentioned in this blog. Food trucks also frequently visit parks, bars, outdoor event spaces or malls.

Q: Does Grubhub deliver for food trucks in San Antonio?

A: There are a few food trucks that work with Grubhub for delivery. If you’re looking for a specific truck, be sure to check Grubhub’s website!

Now That You’ve Sampled Some of the Best San Antonio Food Trucks

After getting a taste of San Antonio Food Trucks, we’re thrilled to be less than a mile from downtown SA. Whether you’re thinking of moving here, or need some additional space, keep us in mind!

Check out our storage units in San Antonio or find your nearest location and we’ll help you find the perfect storage solution.

Did we miss anything? Whether you’ve just passed through SA and visited a food truck that blew your mind, or you’re a forever resident and a mobile kitchen connoisseur, comment below if you know of a San Antonio Food Truck that deserves to be on this list!

Sarah Dirks content writer

Sarah Dirks is a Content Writer for Store Space who enjoys watching movies, being active and cheering for the Boston Red Sox.


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