Storage Unit vs. Garage Storage: 5 Smart Reasons Storage is the Superior Choice

Storage Unit vs. Garage Storage: 5 Smart Reasons Storage is the Superior Choice

By: Nicholas Sollitto


November 22, 2021

Garages can be among the most useful spaces in a house. These additions allow homeowners the flexibility to store their vehicles, build more value into their investment, or even set up a workshop or workbench.

However, you should never use your garage as a storage unit. Doing so will leave your possessions exposed to a list of potential hazards. When comparing a storage unit vs. garage storage, it is clear garages simply can’t compete. Keep reading below to see garages v. storage units; find out where garages fall short and how a Store Space storage unit can step in and help!

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Garage As a Storage Unit

The definition of “garage” is pretty clear: “a building for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles” (Oxford Languages). That should pretty much rule out storing an armoire next to your Alfa Romeo or boxes on your Boxster, but there are other reasons, too:

  1. Limited security
  2. Temperature & humidity exposure
  3. Your car will suffer
  4. Pest & rodent damage
  5. Peace of mind

1) One layer of security vs. several advanced security measures

In general, self-storage facilities are much safer than garage storage. With only one layer of security, personal garages may fail to protect your possessions when a thief decides to strike. Valuable items like antiques and collectibles should always be protected with multiple layers of security.

Most self-storage units are protected by multiple security measures. Storage units are normally protected by high fences, keypad-controlled gate access, video surveillance, locked buildings, and even vigilant managers! Moreover, your storage unit is secured by your lock, and you alone hold the key!

At Store Space, security is our top priority! When you choose to store with Store Space, you choose “Storage That Cares” about keeping you and your belongings safe!

2) Temperature & humidity exposure vs. climate control

Exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity can cause your possessions to warp, crack or mold, causing irreversible damage. Most garages have no climate control system, which means exposure is extremely likely.

The solution to this problem is climate-controlled storage. These temperature-controlled storage units are kept between 55-and 80-degrees Fahrenheit year-round, which helps mitigate damage caused by humidity. Climate-controlled storage units are more common in areas plagued by extreme humidity and extreme temperatures. Many items need to be stored at a regulated temperature and humidity – check out which items need climate control.

3) Competition with your car vs. dedicated space

Garages give homeowners the ability to store their vehicles away from rain and snow. However, if you decide to use your garage as a storage unit, then you most likely won’t have room to properly protect your vehicle.

Furthermore, storing your vehicle in your garage could also earn you a break on your car insurance! Most car insurance providers offer a discount for car owners who safely store their vehicle in a garage where it is not vulnerable to damage or theft.

Therefore, by deciding to store your possessions in a storage unit, you are not only freeing up your garage so that you can store your vehicle, but you are also making yourself eligible for a discount on your car insurance! Who knew reserving a storage unit could save you money?

4) Open invitation for rodents vs. advanced pest control

Storing items in your garage also leaves them vulnerable to pest and rodent damage. While you may not notice any rodents or other pests in your garage currently, moving boxes and other items may attract critters looking to use your garage as a cozy hideaway.

In contrast to your personal garage, most storage facilities are equipped with pest control that protects your possessions. This often involves preventive pest management, which averts pest problems from occurring in the first place.

5) Endless worry vs. peace of mind

Having an organized and clutter-free garage can ease your mind. Moving your possessions out of your garage and into a self-storage unit will allow you to know your vehicle is protected, your valuable possessions are safe and you have the freedom to use your garage as you see fit!

At Store Space Self Storage, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer effective storage solutions to all our customers. If you are looking to free up space in your garage today, use our online reservation portal or contact us to learn more about our storage locations, rates, and available units!


Q: Can you use a garage as a storage unit?

A: Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it. Garages are great for storing your vehicle and tools, but they ultimately cannot compete with a storage unit when it comes to storing many other possessions. Only having one layer of security, increased exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity, and an increased chance of pest damage are all reasons why your garage should not be used as a storage unit.

Q: Is it safe to store things in a storage unit?

A: Generally, it is safer to store items in a storage unit than it is to store them in your garage. Most storage facilities offer several layers of security including security codes, high walls or fences, gated entries, video surveillance, and others that make them effective against theft. In addition, climate-controlled storage units also offer increased protection against temperature and humidity threats.

Wrapping Up Storage Unit vs. Garage Storage: Self-Storage is Superior!

In the past, it may have seemed like a good idea to use your garage as a storage unit, but hopefully, after reading this article we have convinced you otherwise!

Store Space has a fleet of locations across the U.S. all decked out with a variety of storage options to offer you various storage solutions. Find more information about how you can benefit from self-storage in our storage guide!

We care about you, and we care about freeing up space in your garage!

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