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Tips for Moving In

Tips for Moving In

By: Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry


June 29, 2020

Clean for the move-in. If the house wasn’t left sparkling clean by the prior tenants, vacuum and mop the floors before you set down large pieces of furniture and wipe down anything that needs it right away. Ensure that you clean areas such as bathtubs, showers and toilets before use.

Protect your floors. If your moving company hasn’t already done it, put down sheets of plastic on the carpet or wooden floor at the new house to keep it from getting soiled while people walk in and out. When it’s done, simply throw it away or recycle it.

Walk the house with the moving crew. The boxes should be labeled, so either label the doors to the specific rooms or tell the movers which rooms you want the boxes in. Having to retrieve heavy boxes from another room can get tedious when unpacking.

Keep an eye out for damages. Ask to see the movers’ bill of lading, which is an inventory sheet of your items and their condition, including damages. Also note any items that may be missing. Have someone stationed outside to watch the unloading of the truck and someone stationed inside to keep an eye out for damage and direct the movers to specific rooms if necessary. 

Protect yourself. Discuss any concerns regarding missing or damaged items with the mover in charge before you sign the inventory sheet and they leave. Ensure that it’s signed by the moving company as well and keep a copy for your records.

Complete the move. If everything went smoothly, pay the moving company the agreed amount and finish the transaction using the agreed payment. Did the moving crew do a good job? Tip them 10 to 15 percent of the total fee for a job well done.

Reassemble your furniture. Get your toolbox that you brought with you and start putting furniture like beds and tables back together.

Start unpacking. As you begin the tedious job of settling into your new home, set aside any damaged boxes that that you didn’t catch before the movers left. Ask the moving company to reinspect them. Keep records of the damage by taking photos of the items right away.

Enjoy your new home!


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