Tips for Moving Out

Tips for Moving Out

By: Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry


June 29, 2020

Take a moment. Most people spend years in houses, so take a moment to bid your place adieu while you have the opportunity. During your walk-through, recall fond memories and say goodbye to the challenges. This closure is especially beneficial to children. Let them know of the good times they’ll have in their new home.

Greet the movers. This is one of the times you need to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. When you meet the moving crew, make sure they are indeed employed by the moving company. Locate the moving truck’s U.S. Department of Transportation license number to match with the number on your estimate.

Supervise the movers.  Station someone inside to watch the crew while the move is taking place to keep an eye out for damage. Likewise, have someone outside to supervise the crew loading your items into the truck. The more eyes you can keep on your property, the better.

Keep valuables with you. Ensure that items such as jewelry, laptops, personal documents and other valuable items are safely stashed for before others come into your home. Items like these should remain in your possession until you arrive at your new home.

Clean it up! From the kitchen to the bathrooms, either ensure the house is clean by doing it yourself or hire a cleaning service to do a move-out clean. No one likes to walk into a dirty house, so don’t leave a mess for the incoming tenants or owners.  

Walk through one last time. Before you leave, scan the house and property for any remaining items that may have been left. Secure the windows and doors, turn off lights and ceiling fans and make certain the water is turned off. Lock the door behind you and move to your new home!


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