Managing Your Storage Unit

Managing Your Storage Unit

Whether our facility is in a dense, urban setting, the suburbs, or a wide-open countryside, we make it easy for you to move in. 

  • For drive-up storage units, our driveways are wide enough to accommodate most vehicles to make car-side loading and unloading a snap. 
  • Our enclosed facilities have loading bays/docks to facilitate move-ins for climate-controlled or indoor storage units. Interior aisles are wide and elevators to upper-floor units are large. Borrow a handcart or dolly to ease your way to your unit. 
  • Each Store Space office stocks a wide range of packing and moving supplies available for purchase. This includes tape, packing material, four sizes of boxes, specialty boxes such as wardrobes, and mattress pads. 
  • A high-security disc lock is recommended to secure your storage unit. These are available for purchase in our rental office.

  1. Do’s
    • Place items you will need most often in the front of your unit.
    • Raise items off the floor by using pallets to allow for airflow under and around boxes and keep items off unit walls.
    • Create a center aisle in your storage unit so you have access to all items and leave space around the perimeter for ventilation.
    • Cover your mattresses with a plastic mattress bag. These are available in our rental office. Learn more about proper mattress storage
    • Store dressers and tables top-to-top and disassemble large furniture, removing the legs to increase space.
    • Label every box. Record the contents and the room it came from. Pack clothes, drapes and blankets on hangers in a wardrobe box.
    • Store items with long handles like rakes, shovels and brooms in trash cans.
    • Wrap furniture properly for storage.
    • Where available, temperature- or humidity-sensitive items, such as antiques, electronics, photos, art like canvas paintings, and leather furniture, should be stored in climate-controlled units.

  2. Don’t's
    • Don't put boxes directly onto the floor or against the walls of your storage unit. 
    • Don’t store perishable items in your storage unit. 
    • Don’t attempt to live in your storage unit. 
    • State laws typically prohibit storing firearms, gunpowder, illicit drugs, live animals, hazardous waste, fuel, explosives and toxic materials in a storage unit. 
    • Don't leave gasoline and oil in lawnmowers and other small engines.

Note: Specific states and municipalities may have additional laws regulating or prohibiting the storage of certain items, so make sure to check with your store manager if you have additional questions or concerns.

In most cases, customers can enter the storage facility from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, using a secure access code.

Simply notify the office of your intent in writing at least 10 days prior to vacating the unit. The unit will be considered vacant when it is empty, and your lock is removed. No refunds are given for any unused portion of the rent.

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