Drive-Up Storage Units at Store Space Self Storage

Drive-Up Storage Units

When you rent a drive-up storage unit at Store Space Self Storage, you get a storage solution that's secure and provides easy access to your belongings. You can park your car, van or truck right next to your storage unit, making it a breeze to load and unload items. Most drive-up storage units in the United States are located outside. Some are climate controlled. At select Store Space locations, we offer drive-up storage units that are inside our storage facility and/or climate controlled. 

Find a Store Space Self Storage location near you to rent a drive-up storage unit. Or, if you need to learn more about the advantages of a drive-up storage unit first, continue reading.

What is Drive-Up Storage?

Drive-Up storage is a storage option that allows you to drive your car, van or truck right up next to the storage unit. Most drive-up units in the United States are located outside. A drive-up storage unit can be climate controlled but are more commonly not. Store Space does offer drive-up storage units that are inside of our storage facility and/or climate controlled, at select locations.

Do I Need a Drive-Up Storage Unit?

A drive-up storage unit is a great option for people who need frequent access to their belongings—daily or weekly. The rapid, convenient access to your items makes a drive-up storage unit perfect for businesses and contractors. Additionally, a drive-up storage unit can save you money if you’re using professional movers because they’ll spend less time loading and unloading your possessions at the facility.

How Much Does Drive-Up Storage Cost?

Nationally, a standard, outside drive-up storage unit will be less than a climate-controlled storage unit, but more expensive than an indoor traditional storage unit. Climate-controlled drive-up units or drive-up units inside a storage facility cost more. 

What Should I Look for in a Drive-Up Storage Unit?  

Before you rent a drive-up storage unit, you should inspect the weather seal around the door. Make sure it’s not ripped or rotted out. Additionally, look at the floor inside the unit. See if you find any water stains that may indicate a potential roof leak or groundwater flooding. 

How Do I Find a Store Space Drive-Up Storage Unit Near Me?

The quickest way is to search for your local Store Space Self Storage facility using our Find Storage online tool. With it you can locate storage using your street address, city and state, or postal zip code. With locations across the United States, Store Space has one near you.

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