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Auto Storage Solutions

At Store Space Self Storage, we offer a wide variety of vehicle storage solutions for your automobiles and motorcycles. If your garage is full, street parking is limited, or your HOA restricts parking, we can help. Learn more about our vehicle storage solutions for your small motor vehicles below, and then search for a Store Space near you to find out what storage options that location has.

Standard Auto Storage

Our standard auto storage solution provides secure parking spaces for cars on our property. A security fence surrounds each property, and access is regulated by a computer-controlled gate access system. Our 24-hour digital surveillance system provides additional security.

Covered Auto Storage

If you are seeking additional protection for your vehicle, choose our covered auto storage solution. It has the same features and benefits as the standard solution, but has a roof. You won’t need to worry about UV damage, snow, rain or hail.

Interior Auto Storage

We also have self storage units inside our buildings that your smaller vehicles will fit in. They are perfect for cars that are as long as 20’. A computer-controlled gate access system regulates access to your vehicle and the building. Our digital surveillance system records all activity 24 hours a day.

Find a Store Space near you to see what car storage options are available. 

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