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  • Find Storage in Gainesville
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  • No Credit Card, No Obligations 
  • Rent a Storage Unit in Gainesville 
  • Find Storage in Gainesville
  • Reserve or Rent a Unit Online 
  • No Credit Card, No Obligations 
  • Rent a Storage Unit in Gainesville 

Storage Units in Gainesville FL

Looking for self-storage in the city “where nature and culture meet?” Store Space is happy to call Gainesville home. Whether you just moved in, have been here for ages or you’re a Florida freshman stepping on campus for the first time, we care about bringing you the best self-storage.

Whether you’re hunting 'gators or cheering for them at The Swamp, you can rent a storage unit from anywhere. Complete a Touchless Rental online or by phone or come visit us in-store to rent a unit with the help of our friendly staff.

Visit our Gainesville locations at the addresses below and visit our store pages to see what’s available.


Our Self Storage Facilities in Gainesville

We’re here to support the small businesses in the area—whether you’re outgrowing your office or need space for off-site document storage, we have the perfect solution. Self-storage is also useful for renters and homeowners during moves, renovations or life events like marriage, divorce or relocation. 

Visit any of our offices for a tour or give us a call for rentals hours and store info.

Store Space Self Storage at 3728 North Main St.– We are located between Circle K and the Honda dealership right off North Main. Our facility is convenient for those in the Ironwood, Highland Court Manor, and Hazel Heights neighborhoods, and we’re less than 10 minutes from the University of Florida

Features at this location include: 

  • Climate-Controlled Units
  • Drive-Up Access Units
  • Vehicle Storage Options
  • Units Ranging from 3.5 ft. by 5 ft. to 10 ft. by 30 ft. 
  • Clean Units
  • ADA-Accessible Parking
  • Gate Access 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. Daily
  • Office Open Daily 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Self-Service Kiosk
  • Boxes, Tape & Supplies Sold in Office
  • 10% Discount For Active Military & Veterans

If you want to know more about the types of storage we offer and what makes us love Gainesville, keep reading!

Available Storage Unit Sizes

Just because everyone could use more space, doesn’t mean all storage needs are the same. That’s why Store Space offers a wide variety of unit sizes and amenities so you can find the perfect fit. The smallest units are great for holiday storage, small furnishings, or boxes, and our largest units can be used for business storage and storing the contents of a whole house. Don’t forget to check out our types of storage page for more details about storage in Gainesville! Some of our most popular sizes include: 

  • Small storage units – 5 x 5 (25 sq. ft.) good for seasonal storage, boxes, decorations, outdoor gear
  • Medium storage units – 10 x 10 (100 sq. ft.) ideal for the contents of one or two rooms, furniture, boxes
  • Large storage options – 10 x 20 (200 sq. ft.) ideal for household storage (furniture, appliances, big items), business inventory
  • Vehicle storage – drive-up storage units for vehicles up to 7 ft. tall and 30 ft. long

Climate-controlled storage units in Gainesville FL

The long, hot summers in Gainesville are great for spending time outdoors. But while you enjoy the rays, don’t forget your items might need protection! Climate-controlled storage units protect items like furniture, antiques, electronics, and paper by mitigating damage from humidity. 

Indoor storage units

Indoor storage units are located in enclosed buildings. Even if there’s an afternoon rain shower, you’ll be shielded from the elements with our indoor storage units.

Drive-up storage units 

Drive-up storage is the best option if you’re looking to access your unit often. Usually small business owners, commercial storage customers or just those who need to frequently visit their units seek these out. You can park right next to your storage unit to load and unload your items.  

Vehicle storage units

Whether you like to bike, drive, float or travel in style, we have the perfect storage solutions at Store Space. Our facility offers drive-up vehicle options for motorcycles, cars, boats, or RVs, up to 7 ft. tall and 30 ft. long. Check out vehicle storage guide for more info about storing your favorite rides.

Car Storage

There are a number of reasons why you might need car storage. Many involve a lack of space— on the driveway, in the garage or even on the street. Or drive-up storage units are the perfect solution. Most cars can fit in units 10 ft. by 20 ft., but some larger trucks will require a longer space.

Motorcycle Storage

Don’t leave your motorcycle parked on the street, keep it in our convenient drive-up storage units! Most motorcycles can fit in storage units at least 5 ft. by 10 ft. in size, and most side by sides will fit in a 10 ft. by 10 ft. storage unit.

Boat Storage

There is plenty of water nearby Gainesville. So, if you want to take the boat on the river, paddle board, canoe or kayak it’s the perfect place. But while you’re not on the water, store your watercraft with us. Our drive-up units can accommodate watercraft up to 7 ft. tall and 30 ft. long.

RV Storage

Our drive-up units can fit RVs up to 7 ft. tall and 30 ft. long. They’re perfect for your travel trailers, popup campers, and teardrop trailers.

Student Storage

At Store Space, we get it—college students need self-storage! Whether your dorm is too small, or you need a place to keep your belongings during a break, gap year or studying abroad, we have the perfect student storage solutions!

We’re less than 10 minutes from the University of Florida, and 15 minutes from Santa Fe College. Stop in and take advantage of our lowest rates and monthly rentals.

 An alligator in the water near Gainesville, FLPhoto by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

What we Like About Gainesville

When someone says Gainesville, your response is probably “Go Gators!” Even though the city is home to Florida’s oldest and largest university, there’s more to it. The college town energy meets amazing scenic views, trails, state parks—not to mention museums, music and amazing food. That’s why they call it the place “where nature and culture meet” after all. Gainesville is a good place to live

Here are some of our favorite things about Gainesville, let’s go Gators!


Gainesville wasn’t always the college town it is today. It experienced war, exploration and growth since the 16th century when Spanish explorers invaded the region. In 1821 Spain ceded the area back to the United States.

Gainesville played a part in the Civil War, was the site of two battles, and a Confederate Commissary. After Reconstruction, Gainesville became a center for cotton and vegetable crops.

There were two fires that damaged the city in the 1880s, but Gainesville wasn’t afraid of a little heat. Townsfolk rebuilt and the city became better than ever. In 1905, the University of Florida moved into town, and soon became a major part of Gainesville’s economy.

In the 1860s, there were about 232 residents in Gainesville. Now there are over 141,085—that’s a big difference.  


The list of colleges and universities in Gainesville is short, but it is home to one of Florida’s top colleges, University of Florida. In Fall 2020, UF enrolled almost 58,000 students, and that number grows every semester. It’s tied for 6th in the “Top Public Schools” list by U.S. News, and ranks No. 30 on the “2021 Best National University Rankings” out of 388 schools!

Gainesville is also home to Santa Fe College and City College – Gainesville Campus.


You probably knew this already, but there are no professional sports teams in the Gainesville area—good thing University of Florida is known for their athletics.

UF athletics have gained a reputation. Florida won the NCAA baseball title in 2017, becoming the sixth Division I program to win a national title in men’s basketball, baseball and football. The Gators have won 21 national team titles since the 2008-2009 season. In terms of national titles, UF ranks fourth in the nation with 15 Gator teams claiming titles.

These athletes aren’t just at the top of their game on the field, but also in the classroom. Since 1992, UF student-athletes have earned a total of 121 Academic All-America honors.

Culture and arts

There’s a reason why Gainesville has “culture” in its nickname. Here, you’ll find art, museums, theater and history to spare. Stop in Black C Production to experience interactive visual and performing arts that you won’t believe. You don’t want to miss the Gainesville Fine Arts Association, Harn Museum of Art, or one of the oldest artist cooperatives in the country, Artisans’ Guild Gallery.

You could spend a whole day in the Florida Museum of Natural History. Learn from engaging exhibits and experience the Butterfly Rainforest to get an up-close look at hundreds of butterflies and birds.

But there’s even more. Here’s a list of more fun things to do while you’re in Gainesville.

We can’t forget the outdoor attractions either. If you want to swim, fish, hike or bike there’s plenty of space at the many state parks in Gainesville. Check out O’Leno State Park, Santa Fe Canoe Outpost or Sweetwater Wetlands Park for some outdoor adventure! Don’t forget your kayaks or canoes! Gainesville offers a variety of paddling trails. Check out our kayak storage blog to keep your watercraft safe while you’re not on the water!  


One of the great things about a college town is that students love to eat. So, there has to be some great places to grab some grub! Gainesville is no exception. They have everything—Asian, Italian, Latin, fine-dining and even gourmet donuts. We hope you came hungry.

Sit down and enjoy a fine-dining experience at Embers Wood Grill, or a casual night at Gainesville’s famous Satchel’s Pizza. Grab some sweets to go at Halo Potato Donuts, or a cup of joe from Wyatt’s Coffee. If you’re craving some international cuisine, check out Crane Ramen or Dragonfly Sushi and Sake Company.

For those on a smaller budget (a.k.a. college students), check out some of these off-campus hot-spots— The Top in Downtown Gainesville, Harry’s Seafood for some fresh fish, or Keke’s Breakfast Café for some early morning fuel!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand you have questions, so we’ve answered some of the most common ones below. If your question is not answered here, you can always reach out to any of our facilities or our Care Center at 833-786-7366.

Q: What should be stored in a climate-controlled unit in Gainesville?

A: Consider storing electronics and battery-operated devices in climate-controlled storage units. The temperature regulation of these units can keep the battery fluids from overheating or freezing. Additionally, many people store furniture, antiques, and appliances in climate-controlled storage to help avoid the effects of extreme weather.

Q: How do you insure contents of a storage unit in Gainesville?

A: You can check with an existing policy you may have to see if your stored items would be covered, or you can check out independent storage insurance plans. To help our customers keep their protection convenient, Store Space offers its Tenant Protection Plan for items that might not be covered by a renter’s insurance policy.

Q: How do I pay for self-storage?

A: Invoices can be mailed or delivered electronically based on your preference. Payments can be made online using MyStorage Portal, via mail, via phone, or in person with the assistance of a store employee or by using the self-service kiosk. Autopay can be selected on MyStorage Portal and funds will automatically be deducted from your account on the first of each month.

Q: Should I have a lock for my storage unit?

A: We strongly advise having a lock for your storage unit. For maximum protection, we recommend using a high-security disc lock. You can easily purchase these locks from our rental office, providing an additional layer of security for your storage unit.

Q: How much is a storage unit in Gainesville, FL?

A: The price of Gainesville storage units can start as low as $10 a month. But keep in mind the rates depend on size, amenities, facility location, and more. That’s why Store Space shops the competition and posts rates and promotions for you to see.

Q: How much does storage cost in Florida?

A: The cost of storage in Florida can vary. Often, the larger the unit the more expensive it is, it’s also more expensive if you want features like climate-control, or drive-up and vehicle storage. We always post our rates, so you know exactly what to expect.

Q: How big is a 5x5 storage unit?

A: A 5 ft. by 5 ft. storage unit is about the size of an average closet, or 25 sq. ft. You can fit boxes, bins, maybe a small piece of furniture, or seasonal decorations in these units.

Q: Can you use a self-storage unit as a workshop?

A: In a simple answer, no. You cannot conduct any business in a storage unit. But you can use them for inventory, supplies, equipment storage and more. It’s a good idea to ask the facility manager for more information, so you’re aware of what is allowed and what is not.

Q: Is it illegal to live in a storage unit in Florida?

A: Yes, it is illegal! It’s also against local housing laws. (Also, storage units lack running water, plumbing, power, and you could be trapped inside.


What’s Next?

Gainesville is more than a quaint college town. With all the benefits of a large city in a small-town package, Gainesville is the place to be in Florida.

If you’re ever overwhelmed by everything Gainesville has to offer, take a breath of fresh air and get more space. Just call or visit our website to rent a storage unit in minutes.  

Not only do we want your rental experience to be worry-free, but we also want you to store with confidence. Our well-lit facilities have 24-hour video cameras and computer-controlled gate access.

If you happen to need a last-minute box, our offices are always fully stocked with packing and moving supplies.

Now’s the time to store with Store Space! Find your nearest facility with our storage finder. GO GATORS!

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