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The Best Way to Pack Christmas Ornaments

While tangled strands of lights and a sea of decorations might convince you otherwise, learning how to pack Christmas ornaments is simple. By following the tips and steps discussed below, you will be able to organize and wrangle your unruly herd of Christmas decorations in no time.  

Keep reading to learn how to pack Christmas ornaments: what packing materials you’ll need, why you should save original packaging and how you can get the space you need to store Christmas ornaments.  

1. Gather Packing Materials  

When it comes to packing Christmas ornaments, there are quite a few packing materials you should have on hand. First, you should figure out what type of container you want to use to store your Christmas ornaments when Santa is back at the North Pole. There are several types of totes specially designed to store ornaments and there are also plastic containers. Plastic containers are the most common type of container outside of ornament boxes recommended by professional organizers.  

In addition to picking out what type of storage container you want to use, you should also assemble materials to wrap and pad your ornaments. These materials will protect your fragile ornaments when you go to place them in a container. Tissue paper, bubble wrap and packing paper are common materials used for this purpose. However, there are also several eco-friendly alternatives including ornament organizers and seasonal linens, as well as reusing tissue paper and bubble wrap from the year before.  

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ornaments packed with tissue paper

2. Pack Away Ornaments Using Original Boxes  

If you still have the original boxes your holiday ornaments came in, make sure to hang on to them. These boxes are great for storing ornaments. They are perfectly shaped to hold ornament, and using these original boxes is the best way to protect your fragile holiday decorations from damage.  

If you don’t have the original boxes, that’s okay too. You can get similar protection by purchasing an ornament organizer. At the very least, if you don’t have any type of organizer or the original boxes, you should pack your ornaments safely using bubble wrap and packing peanuts. However, we don’t recommend these materials as a first choice because they are oftentimes single use.  

3. Pack Away Boxed Ornaments into Plastic Containers 

Next, you should carefully place all your boxed or organized ornaments into the plastic containers or other storage containers you purchased. Make sure to roll up seasonal linens and other holiday decorations (such as seasonal hand towels, blankets, shower curtains, tree skirts, etc.) to tightly pack ornaments in the containers.  

While packing away your ornaments, make sure to also pack away the wire hooks you use to hang them on the Christmas tree. By doing this, next year you will know exactly where all your hooks are located, and you won’t have to go to the store to buy more.  

ornaments in labeled box

4. Label All of Your Boxes with a Permanent Marker  

After you pack away all your holiday ornaments for storage, you should then label each container with a permanent marker. If you are packing away all your Christmas decorations at the same time, make sure to give each box a specific label. For example, write “Christmas Ornaments” or “Kitchen Christmas” instead of simply “Christmas.” By giving your boxes more specific labels you will be able to better locate specific Christmas decorations.  

Christmas Ornament Packing & Storage FAQs 

How do you put ornaments back in a container?  

If you are trying to put your Christmas ornaments back into their storage containers you should first remove all hooks (store these in a plastic bag). These wire hooks are great for hanging your ornaments on your Christmas tree, but they can make it difficult to easily store your decorations when it comes to pack them away. Next, place your ornaments in their original packaging if you still have it. If not, use Christmas ornament organizers, apple containers or egg cartons. Finally, place your boxed ornaments (and the bagged hooks) into plastic containers and label each container with a permanent marker.  

Where should I store Christmas decorations?  

You should store your Christmas decorations in a cool, dry place where temperatures remain steady throughout the entire year. Storing your Christmas ornaments in the attic or basement may seem like a good idea, but these locations are often exposed to high humidity and frequent changes in temperature. If you are looking for the best place to store your Christmas decorations, you can’t go wrong with renting a climate-controlled storage unit.  

Is it OK to store Christmas decorations in the garage?  

The best place to store Christmas decorations is in a temperature-regulated space, such as an interior closet or professional storage unit. If you must store your Christmas decorations in your garage, make sure you pack them away in a tightly sealed plastic container.  

How Should I Store an Artificial Christmas Tree? 

Most of the time, we would recommend saving the original box that an item came in, but in the case of artificial Christmas trees, this isn’t always the best storage solution. Trying to cram the tree back into the box will only lead to disfigured limbs (on the tree) and frustrated looks (on humans). Instead, if it’s a tree you plan on keeping for multiple holidays, purchase a water-resistant Christmas tree bag. Store it in a cool, dry place other than a garage or attic.

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