Is San Antonio a Good Place to Live? Moving to Texas

Is San Antonio a Good Place to Live? Moving to Texas

By: Nicholas Sollitto


January 27, 2022

A cultural mecca booming with culinary excellence, city pride and history, the Alamo City has many people wondering, “is San Antonio a good place to live?”

Therefore, we created this guide to help anyone who is considering moving to San Antonio. Keep reading to learn more about the city’s history, answer those burning questions and see if life in Texas is a good fit for you!

San Antonio in a Snapshot

Before we get started learning more about San Antonio’s history and culture, let’s look at a snapshot of the city. The graph displayed below lists several key statistics that will help you get more familiar with San Antonio’s geography and population.

San Antonio Figures
Population (2010)1,327,407
Population (2020)1,434,625
Area (sq. mi.)504.64
Land Area (sq. mi.)498.85
Water Area (sq. mi.)5.79
Elevation (ft.)650
Time ZoneUTC-6 (CST)
*Data was collected from

History of San Antonio

Now the seventh-most populous city in the nation, San Antonio and the surrounding area was originally populated by Payaya Indians. The city’s Spanish influence was first rooted in 1691 when a group of missionaries came upon the San Antonio River Valley. This group named the area “San Antonio” in honor of St. Anthony of Padua.

During the 18th century and early 19th century, San Antonio became the largest Spanish settlement in the territory of Texas. The city was then designated as the capital of this province, which changed hands from Spanish to Mexican control in 1821.

A large portion of San Antonio’s history and place in public knowledge relates to the Battle of the Alamo. This historic skirmish was one of many between the Texian Army and Mexican forces. Even though the Texians lost the battle, “Remember the Alamo” became a rallying cry that eventually led to Texian independence.

The Mexican-American War was especially destructive to San Antonio and its residents. By the end of the war, the city’s population was reduced significantly. During the Reconstruction Era, San Antonio was revitalized and developed to be a modern city.

Today, San Antonio’s cultural roots draw upon Mexican, Spanish and Texan influences. This blend of influences is especially visible in the city’s elaborate culinary scene, unique festivals, and an array of music, entertainment and attractions.

Is San Antonio a Safe Place to Live?

San Antonio’s crime rating is slightly higher than the nation’s average. Overall,, through their city report, lists San Antonio’s composite crime grad as a “C-.” This grade is made up of three separate scores for violent, property and miscellaneous crime.

For each violent crime and property crime, San Antonio scored a “D+.” These two scores were combined with the miscellaneous crime grade of a “C-” to produce the overall crime grade of a “C-.” These scores suggest that San Antonio can be a dangerous place to live and work. However, San Antonio is a very diverse metropolitan area, meaning there are areas and neighborhoods that are safe and others that are dangerous.

What are the Bad Parts of San Antonio?

The most dangerous neighborhoods in San Antonio are located in the metro’s southern and western portions. These areas include Wheatley Heights, Villa De San Antonio, Eastwood Village, Denver Heights and Nevada Street. In the most dangerous of these areas, rates of crime are as high as 1 in 18, meaning for every 18 people living in the city, one will become a victim of a crime annually.

The table below compares the crime rates per 100k people for several of the most dangerous neighborhoods in San Antonio.

Wheatley Heights3,480
Villa De San Antonio3,428
Eastwood Village3,423
Denver Heights3,167
Nevada Street3,135
*Information sourced from

Is it expensive to live in San Antonio?

According to a variety of sources including, San Antonio’s cost of living ranks slightly more affordable than the national average. San Antonio’s cost of living is also more affordable than the average cost of living for the state of Texas. Median home values are quite low in San Antonio; listed as $220,300 compared to $243,600 for Texas and $291,700 for the United States.

The table below compares the cost of living for San Antonio with the cost of living of several other cities comparable in population.

San AntonioTX89.7
Las VegasNV111
San JoseCA215
*Compared to a national average of 100 by

In most areas, San Antonio is only slightly more affordable than the national average. However, housing is one notable area where San Antonio out paces the nation in terms of affordability and value. The next notable area is grocery expenses which rates as a 91.4 compared to a 100 for the nation’s average.

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in San Antonio?


The most advantageous pros of living in San Antonio are the area’s affordable housing market and slightly lower cost of living compared to the national average. San Antonio’s diverse job market and blend of culture are the next best pros of living in San Antonio.

The city is also home to several notable sites perfect for history buffs, a series of prestigious universities and a rich culinary scene. The University of Texas and the Texas A&M University system both have campuses in San Antonio. Furthermore, the University of Incarnate Word, St. Mary’s University and Trinity University are all located in the city.

The largest employers in the city of San Antonio are the Joint Base San Antonio system, H-E-B, USAA, Methodist Healthcare and Wells Fargo.

Attractions in the San Antonio area include The Alamo site, the San Antonio River Walk, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and the San Antonio Museum of Art. Popular restaurants in the city include The Magpie, Nelson’s BBQ and Gino’s Deli Stop N Buy. For more information regarding popular San Antonio foods and food trucks check out our blogs!


Higher than average crime rates, exhausting summers and housing shortages are all cons commonly listed about living in San Antonio. The dangerous areas of San Antonio can make living and commuting in the city dangerous. However, there are several neighborhoods that are safer than others. These areas include the suburbs of Shavano Park, Garden Ridge and Helotes.

Do People Like Living in San Antonio?

San Antonio is a great place to live and very desirable home for many. Most people living in the city genuinely connect with the city, its personality and culture. The city offers residents the opportunity to secure affordable housing, a good career, have a family, and to enjoy a rich culture of food, music, entertainment and tradition.

Wrapping up: Is San Antonio a Good Place to Live?

Are you interested in moving to San Antonio and considering making Texas your forever home? If so, then hopefully this guide was able to assist you with your decision and provide vital information. Next, check out our moving tips to calculate the most cost-effective move.

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