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Indoor Storage Units

When most people think of self-storage facilities, those traditional drive-up storage units with the big roll-up doors usually come to mind. While drive-up storage was one of the most pivotal innovations in the industry, more and more customers are turning to indoor storage options.

These days, many self-storage properties offer indoor storage units because they provide customers and their possessions added protection from the elements and an extra layer of security.

Many Store Space facilities have a wide selection of indoor storage options for you to choose from. Find your local Store Space Self Storage facility using our online store finder, or give us a call at 833-786-7366 for personal assistance from our knowledgeable professionals. 

What is Indoor Storage?

Indoor units are typically housed in a large, multi-floor building and can include climate-controlled storage units or non-climate-controlled units. Sizes can range from small 5’ x 5’ storage units, medium 10’ x 10’ storage units and large 10’ x 20’ storage units, with many options in between. Select facilities also offer smaller storage lockers or oversized units up to 20’ x 40’. Warehouse-style indoor storage for vehicles is available at some properties.

Our low monthly rates and valuable move-in promotions are always published on our store pages. We have month-to-month leases so you can rent for as long as you need, without getting trapped in a long-term contract.

Touchless Rentals, online or by phone, are fast and easy, or stop by one of our stores to learn more about Store Space – Storage That Cares.

Why Should You Choose Indoor Storage?

Personal and business customers choose indoor storage to give themselves protection from the weather when they are loading or unloading items.

Homeowners and renters often need storage after a life event, such as marriage, divorce, relocation, decluttering, the passing of a loved one, and so on. Commercial customers need a wide range of storage options, from document storage to inventory holding, to warehousing needs. Whatever your situation, we have storage options to meet your needs.

But the benefits of indoor storage don’t stop there.

Climate-controlled Storage Units

Probably the single most sought-after feature in indoor storage is climate-controlled storage units. These temperature-controlled units are regulated between 55 and 80 degrees throughout the year to protect your most sensitive items from temperature swings and humidity. This includes items like furniture, antiques, paper products, leather and fabrics, even electronics and media like LPs, CDs and more.

Non-Climate-Controlled Storage Units

These storage units offer added protection from the elements but are typically priced cheaper than climate-controlled units. If you’re not storing sensitive items, or your region’s weather doesn’t vary drastically throughout the year, these budget-minded units make a great option.

Added Security

We take security seriously at all our locations. Your security starts by making sure our facilities are well-lit. Our parking lots are bright, and interior hallways have automatic sensors to stay lit while you’re inside. All our facilities are covered with 24/7 digital cameras and our staff walk and audit each facility daily. Plus, indoor units have the same strong, metal roll-up doors you find on outdoor units.

Access to the facility is typically restricted to only those with a personalized PIN. Typically, a separate PIN code is required to get into indoor storage buildings, effectively doubling the security.

Access Types

Although it may seem daunting, moving into an indoor storage unit is easier than you might think.

Store Space facilities usually have a large loading dock or loading bay where you can unload, many of which are covered. Select facilities also have drive-in or drive-through unloading areas. We have handcarts available to help you get to your storage unit with no trouble, and our aisles are wide enough for most loads. If you’ve selected an upper-floor storage unit, we make our elevators large enough for many loads, too.

We also know that getting to your possessions when you need them is important, which is why tenants can access their storage units between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily.

Indoor Storage for Vehicles

Store Space facilities offer multiple options for vehicle storage. While outdoor parking is most common for oversized vehicles, some facilities offer drive-in vehicle storage for cars, boats, RVs, trailers and more. Indoor warehouse-style vehicle storage has oversized entrances and designated parking spaces.

These spaces offer added protection from the environment and are able to accommodate larger vehicles that can typically fit in drive-up units.

Motorcycles can often be stored in indoor storage units measuring 5’ by 10’ or larger. Portable watercraft, such as canoes, kayaks and paddleboards, can also be stored in indoor units, usually at least 15 ft. in length or more.

Read more about our vehicle storage options here.

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Q: How much is indoor RV storage? Boat storage?

A: Numerous factors go into determining storage rates, including location, size, features and more. Fortunately, you can always see our available inventory, monthly rates and move-in promotions on our website pages for each location.

Indoor vehicle storage will typically cost more than comparably sized outdoor parking, but the added protection from the elements is often worth the added expense when protecting your investment.

Q: Is all Indoor Storage climate-controlled?

A: No, not all indoor storage is climate-controlled. There can be many different reasons why, including the desire of facility owners to offer a lower-cost option, as well as the relative climate of the region. It’s important to note that some drive-up storage units feature climate control, which is often coveted by car collectors, pharmaceutical reps and sales reps. 

Q: Should I store my boat in indoor storage over the winter?

A: Storing a boat indoors is a good idea, but is not necessary, especially if you’ve taken care to winterize your boat for the off-season. Small boats and watercraft, like jet skis or small bass boats, can often be stored in drive-up units. Portable watercraft-like canoes can be stored in indoor units year-round. Read more about our boat storage options here.

Rent Indoor Storage Now

Now that you know all the ins and outs of indoor storage units, find a location near you or call us at 833-786-7366. We can answer any additional questions and help you get the storage unit that best suits your needs. 

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