7 Interior Design Trends that Need Storage

7 Interior Design Trends that Need Storage

By: Sarah Dirks


July 10, 2023

Minimalism or maximalism?

Cottagecore or cluttercore?

No matter what interior design trend you’re into this year, we’ll let you in on a little secret. They all need self-storage.

Whether you’re a fan of upcycling your favorite thrifting finds or creating a comfy and cozy environment to embrace hygge, self-storage can come in handy. A storage unit means more space for decluttering, organizing, designing and enjoying your home. Below, we’ve included info about 7 popular design trends and how each benefit from self-storage!

1. Cottagecore

Cottagecore, a home trend popularized by Gen Z and millennials, became a hashtag around 2018 and rose in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The trend embraces a simple life inspired by nature and rural living. As we learned to appreciate the little things during the pandemic, cottagecore gained fame.

This trend encompasses lifestyle choices (think gardening, making bread, doing crafts), fashion (floral dresses, peasant blouses), music (Folklore by Taylor Swift), and décor (wood furniture, varied textures, floral patterns, vintage pieces). Cottagecore is considered romantic and rustic, while idealizing a self-reliant lifestyle.

Transform your space with plants and flowers, DIY art, cozy throws, pillows and vintage furniture to fully embrace the cottagecore trend. Self-storage is a great solution if you need more space to declutter and store items while you’re revamping your space.

2. Cluttercore

Starting as a TikTok trend in 2021 and made popular by Gen Z, cluttercore is an extension of cottagecore. It’s all about filling your home with things that make you happy, even if it makes your space look a little, well, cluttered. To the untrained eye, a cluttercore display may appear to be an organized mess, but to its creator, the display will often be full of meaningful objects, sentimental items, artwork, and collections.

At its core, cluttercore is about the quantity of things on display. The trend is all about showing off all your collections, mementos, souvenirs, and more. It’s a good idea to keep your cluttercore display contained to one room or area, so the experience is not overwhelming.

Embrace all your passions and store some items in self-storage. That way when you’re ready to mix it up, you can easily swap out items!

3. Maximalism

“More is more.” The perfect way to summarize the maximalism home trend. Maximalism has entered the home design scene in recent years, as a response to the minimalism aesthetic. This home trend embraces bold patterns and textures, bright colors, as well as a daring mix of furnishings and a variety of décor, rather than clean lines and a monochromatic palette found in minimalism.

Consider hanging up unique patterned wallpaper, upcycling antique furniture (more on that later), or painting an accent wall to create a vibrant, maximalist space. Think big, bold and loud.

Although cluttercore may seem similar to maximalism these two trends stand on their own! Cluttercore is more about quantity, where maximalism can be an excess in color, pattern, prints, etc.

To achieve this style in your home, you need self-storage. Maximalism often requires a variety of furnishings and items to bring differing textures and colors. But you may not be able to fit them all in your home at the same time! Store some things in a self-storage unit, then rotate items frequently to keep things fresh.

4. Minimalism

Minimalism proudly encompasses the “less is more” mindset. Emerging as an interior design style in the 1960s and 1970s, minimalism includes no clutter, clean lines, monochromatic color schemes and simple shapes and design.

Minimalism focuses on essential items, therefore eliminating excess. It promotes a sense of clarity and order. Marie Kondo is one of the major players in minimalism, known for the catchphrase, “does this spark joy?” Essentially ensuring every item in your home either sparks joy or serves a purpose (otherwise it needs to go).

Although minimalism does solve the issue of a cluttered, unorganized home, it can be challenging if you currently have a lot of possessions. Well, self-storage can come in handy! Put any items you want out of the way in a storage unit. Minimalism is easier to achieve when you have more space.

5. Upcycling Furniture

In recent years, the popularity of upcycling, repurposing and refurbishing items has been motivated by the climate crisis. Restoring antique or secondhand furniture is more sustainable, it plays a role in adjusting our carbon footprint, and it makes a step toward changing the way we produce and consume goods.

This trend is also a great way to find unique, interesting pieces that are completely one-of-a-kind. Upcycling involves taking old or antique pieces and transforming them into something new using paint, stain or other materials. (Check out this guide on upcycling furniture with paint.)

If you’re interested in hopping on the upcycling furniture trend, store extra couches, chairs, tables, etc. in a self-storage unit until you’re ready to repurpose them. Keep in mind that climate-controlled storage is ideal for storing sensitive antiques.

6. Sustainable Home Design

While upcycling has gained momentum, so has eco-friendly home design. This trend saves you money by lowering your energy bills while also reducing your carbon footprint. A more sustainable property may also increase the resale value of your home because many buyers seek these improvements.

Eco-friendly home designs may incorporate features like energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, new windows and doors, updated insulation and more. Effective heating and cooling systems will also help reduce energy consumption in the future.

Self-storage is a must while renovating your home to be more sustainable. A storage unit can hold excess materials while building, or be used to store furnishings and décor you want to protect during the construction process.

7. Hygge

Although hygge has only recently become a trend, it can actually be traced back to “hugga,” a 16th-century Norwegian word that meant to comfort or console. Hygge is all about contentment, comfort and coziness, and creating a welcoming, warm atmosphere in your home. This trend emphasizes a sense of well-being and relaxation that encourages you to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

You can incorporate hygge in your home by maximizing natural light, including different textiles, and adding natural elements. Find even more tips to practice hygge in your home and your lifestyle in our blog.

A clutter-free, organized living space is crucial to implement hygge in your home, and a self-storage unit can provide a solution to store any items that don’t contribute to the comfort and coziness of your space. Decluttering with the help of a storage unit can promote contentment and relaxation that is essential for hygge.

FAQs: Design Trends that Need Storage

Q: What is cluttercore vs maximalism?

A: Maximalism focuses on bold design—such as bright colors and patterns, different textures, etc. Cluttercore is more about the quantity of items in your home—all your collections, mementos, art, books and more on display.  

Q: What is the concept of maximalism?

A: Maximalism is an interior design style that embraces a more is more philosophy. The design mixes bright colors, textures, patterns and more to create an aesthetic that is loud and bold.

Q: What are the pros of upcycling furniture?

A: Upcycling furniture rather than buying new pieces reduces landfill waste and saves you money. When upcycling furniture, you’re also creating a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that you won’t find anywhere else.

Q: How do I bring hygge into my life?

A: You can incorporate hygge into your life by transforming your home into a relaxing, comforting space! Hygge can also be practiced with lifestyle changes like spending more time with friends and family, doing what you love and wearing comfy clothing.

Wrapping it Up: Design Trends that Need Storage

Whether you’re eager to transform your home into a romantic, rustic space or a simple, clean environment—self-storage is essential. Make the most of your space with more room to declutter, organize and create your desired aesthetic.

It may take a lot of different “cores” to find the one that really speaks to your soul—and that’s okay. Self-storage doesn’t judge, and it’s always here to hold your stuff while you’re trying out new trends, searching for the perfect one.

Store the vintage finds you’re not ready to upcycle or the record collection that will be on display next at Store Space! Just find your nearest facility using our storage finder to get started.

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