Types of Storage

Types of Storage

Climate-controlled storage units are often found in climates that can experience periods of high humidity or large temperature swings. Also called temperature-controlled storage, these units are kept between 55 and 80 degrees year-round to approximate storage in a house or place of business. By circulating air through the facility, damage from high humidity can be effectively mitigated. Climate-controlled units are a must-have if you’re storing sensitive items, such as furniture and antiques, leather and delicate textiles, paper and photographs, even electronic equipment. Climate-controlled units are typically accessed in an enclosed building, but some drive-up units offer this premium feature.

As the name implies, drive-up storage units allow you to drive into the storage facility and load/unload your car or truck directly next to your unit. This is especially convenient for people who access their units more frequently, such as contractors and small business owners. Drive-up units are frequently used to store motorcycles, power equipment and vehicles, but can be used to store virtually any store-able item. Store Space storage facilities have wide driveways to accommodate most vehicles. While most drive-up units are outdoors, some facilities offer covered access or even indoor drive-up units for added protection from the elements.

Indoor storage units are the less expensive cousin of the climate-controlled units. They offer the added protection of being in an enclosed building, which protects visitors as well as stored items from outside weather. Like the climate-controlled units, interior aisles and elevators are always wide and large, allowing easy access once inside the building.

Vehicle storage is available at many Store Space properties. There are both indoor and outdoor options for most types and sizes of vehicles from motorcycles to cars, trucks, RVs, campers, trailers, work vans, even boats. Outdoor options are typically in a secured area behind our main gate. These can vary from car-sized spaces (approximately 20 ft. long) to 30 or 35 ft. in length for larger vehicles. Drive-up units 10’ by 20’ or larger can also be used for indoor vehicle storage, and some facilities have additional dedicated vehicle storage options.

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