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Storage Facility Near Castle Point, Missouri

If you live in the Castle Point area and are in need of a self-storage facility, Store Space – Jennings has the cheap storage units you’re looking for, with the premium features and amenities you deserve. Whether you’re moving, are taking part in neighborhood revitalization efforts, or just looking to declutter, Store Space has the storage units to protect your possessions whenever you need it. 

First-time customers can rent storage in Jennings to take advantage of our new, lower rates. Reservations are free, and we never charge a security deposit. And with money-saving promotions to make your move-in rate even lower, there’s never been a better time to get a storage unit near Castle Point, MO. 

Self-Storage Units Available

Marriage, separation, childbirth, relocation, or even the passing of a loved one are some of the many reason renters and homeowners need a storage unit. Commercial customers often need additional file storage space, equipment storage, or inventory and warehousing space. Whatever the reason, Store Space has the right-sized storage unit to meet your needs and your budget. We have a variety of available sizes, ranging from 5 by 5 to 10 by 30, including these popular units:

  • 5 by 5 Storage Units: Boxes, small furnishings, seasonal items
  • 10 by 10 Storage Units: Larger furniture items, or the equivalent of a 1-bedroom apartment
  • 10 by 20 Storage Units: An entire household or business inventory

Our entire Jennings facility is enclosed, allowing us to offer climate-controlled storage units. Kept between 55- and 85-degrees year-round, temperature-controlled units help protect your sensitive items from the area’s heat and humidity. Don’t worry, even though the facility is enclosed, access is easy. We have a covered loading bay, as well as a truck-accessible loading dock for bigger loads. All interior hallways are wide and our elevators for upper-floor units are large. Plus, you can borrow a handcart for increased mobility. 

We want to help ensure you get the right unit, so give us a call at 314-463-5588 if you’re not sure or have additional storage-related questions. 

‘Storage that Cares’

“Storage that Cares” is our motto, our promise to help you have the best storage experience possible. We know that whatever you choose to store with us is valuable to you, so we care for your items as if they were our own. Our facility is gated with code-controlled access, and all our interior and exterior spaces are well-lit and monitored 24/7 by digit video cameras. Our onsite staff walks the facility daily to ensure nothing is out of place, and we have fire suppression and rodent/pest prevention plans in place. And enhanced cleaning protocols for high-traffic and common areas will help keep your family healthy while onsite. 

Why Choose Store Space – Jennings?

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units
  • Competitive Rates, Month-to-Month Leases
  • 24-hour Video Cameras
  • Enhanced Cleaning Protocols
  • Instore Rental/Payment Kiosk
  • Easy Unit Access, 7 Days a Week
  • Free Online Reservations
  • Online Account Management
  • Boxes, Tape & Packing Supplies
  • 10% Discount For Active Military & Veterans
  • And More

Our leases are month-to-month so you’re not trapped in a long-term contract. We offer online account management through our MyStorage Portal so you can pay your bill, set up autopay, view account history and so on. If online isn’t right for you, ask about our other invoicing and payment options. 

Storage Units Near Me

It’s not every day that a community steps up and decides to tackle its issues head-on.  For that, we applaud Castle Point. We’ll be here when you need us. 

We serve customers throughout north St. Louis County and ZIP Code 63136. We’re less than 10 minutes from Castle Point, near the intersection of Jennings Station Road and West Florissant Avenue. Just head south on Halls Ferry Road or Lewis and Clark Boulevard, then head southwest on Jennings Station Road to Gaylord Drive. 

Thank you for considering Store Space Self Storage! We look forward to meeting you soon.


We know you have questions, so we’ve put together some of the most commonly asked ones below. If your question is not answered here, you can always reach out to any of our facilities, or our Care Center at 833-786-7366.

Q: What should you store in an air-conditioned storage unit in West Bridgewater?

A: Temperature extremes and humidity can be tough on many things, from wood furniture to metal appliances. Climate-controlled units in West Bridgewater would be best suited for any items you may want to help shield against extreme temperatures or moisture, especially belongings of sentimental value.

Q: Do self-storage units have insurance in West Bridgewater?

A: While a self-storage unit does not come with insurance, we highly recommend maintaining insurance for your stored items. Though some homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies have storage unit insurance bundled in with their plans, it’s important to check your policy to be sure. At Store Space, we also offer a Tenant Protection Plan for items that might not be covered by your other policies.

Q: How can I make payments for my self-storage unit?

A: We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to payment options. That's why we provide you with multiple convenient ways to pay! Paying online is a breeze with our MyStorage Portal, allowing you to complete transactions from the comfort of your home. If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can pay by mail or phone. Alternatively, visit our storage facility and make a payment in person with the assistance of our dedicated store employees or by using our self-service kiosk.

Q: Why use climate-controlled storage in West Bridgewater?

A: Since the climate-controlled storage units at Store Space are designed to regulate the temperature of your storage unit, they come with a variety of related benefits. By keeping your storage unit’s temperature within a certain range, climate-controlled storage can help protect your items from things like mildew, mold build-up, and heat damage. This is especially useful for delicate or temperature-sensitive items like antiques, electronics, or collectibles.

Q: What is the best way to store vehicles for the winter in Ferguson?

A: The best way to store your vehicle in the winter in Ferguson depends on several factors, including the size of your vehicle and how often you want to use it. In general, here are a few things to consider when preparing your vehicle for storage, no matter the season. Change fluids such as oil and coolant. Disconnect the battery and fill up the gas tank if you’re storing it for less than a few months, or use a fuel stabilizer if you’re storing it for longer. Consider rotating tires or putting your vehicle on a jack to help prevent issues with your tires.

Q: Is it mandatory to have insurance on a storage unit in Ferguson?

A: For your protection and benefits, we recommend that all items kept in self-storage have insurance and a lock on the unit. Storage unit insurance typically safeguards your items against accidents and other occurrences, such as fire or natural disasters. This means that should the worst happen, you can lessen the potential financial burden caused by any damages.

Q: What’s the most cost-efficient storage unit?

A: To figure out how cost-efficient a self-storage unit is for your budget, you’ll need to consider the monthly cost, size of the unit, convenience, and features. For example, if your garage is overflowing with extra items but your home is clutter-free, renting a small unit for seasonal items may suffice. The cost of a storage unit is always worth it if it provides the much-needed square footage. This is true for any additional price increase associated with choosing a climate-controlled unit. Storing sentimental keepsakes and other important belongings in a climate-controlled unit rather than a garage or unfinished basement can help provide a layer of protection for your items.

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