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How to Properly Store & Organize Swimsuits

From boardshorts to bathing suits to bikinis, there are many types of swimsuits in the world, and we have tips to help you store all of them.  

Whether you are looking for tips to organize bathing suits at home, steps on how to store swimsuits in a closet or looking for a way to keep your swimsuits in pristine condition during off-season storage, you’ve come to the right place.  

Keep reading below to learn the ins and outs of how to store bathing suits by following our simple guide.  

How to Organize Swimsuits 

If you have a large wardrobe of swimwear, organizing your swimsuits might take some time. But don’t worry, by following these steps you can organize your swimsuits to fit in a closet, dresser drawer or even in a storage unit during long-term storage.  

1. Deciding how to organize your swimsuits 

The exact steps for organizing your swimsuits will vary depending on where you are looking to store your suits. At this point in the process, you should decide whether you want to store your suits at home in a dresser drawer, in a closet or if you need to store your suits long-term in a storage unit.  

2. Learning how to fold swimsuits 

After deciding where you are going to store your swimsuits, you will then need to learn how to fold your swimwear. The process for folding your swimsuits will depend slightly on the type of swimwear you are attempting to fold.  

For the most part, the process for a one-piece will look like this:  

  1. Remove padding from your swimsuit 
  2. Lay your swimsuit flat and face down 
  3. Fold the swimsuit straps back over the middle of the suit 
  4. Fold the swimsuit in half horizontally  
  5. Fold the swimsuit in half vertically  

The process for a two-piece is similar and should look like this:  

  1. Remove padding from your swimsuit 
  2. Lay the top of the swimsuit flat and face down 
  3. Fold the straps over the back of the swimsuit 
  4. Lay the swimsuit bottom on top of the swimsuit top 
  5. Fold the swimsuit in half horizontally 
  6. Fold the swimsuit in half vertically  

The process for boardshorts or swim trunks should look like this:  

  1. Lay your swim shorts flat  
  2. Fold one leg of your shorts over the other  
  3. Fold your shorts in half vertically  

3. Organize your swimsuits by type or pattern 

After folding your swimsuits, you can then organize your swimwear by type or pattern. You can also organize your swimsuits by following a hybrid approach where you separate one-piece swimsuits and two-piece bathing suits from one another and then separate your solid two-piece bathing suits from your two-pieces with patterns.  

How to Store Swimsuits  

Once you have your swimsuits organized you can store them away in a dresser drawer, plastic container or in your closet. If you choose to store your swimsuits in your closet, you can forgo folding them (more on this in a bit).  

Pro Tip: Drying your swimwear completely before storing it away may seem like a no-brainer, but even the tiniest amount of moisture can promote mold and mildew. (There are also a few other issues associated with drying swimwear, which we’ll discuss in a bit.) 

How to store swimsuits in drawers 

If you are looking to store your swimwear in a dresser drawer, you can either lay your folded swimsuits on top of one another or store them in a small garment bag. If you choose to store your bathing suits in a garment bag, consider using different garment bags for your different types of swimwear. You can also find several types of drawer organizers or inserts to help you easily store your bathing suits in a chest of drawers or a similar piece of furniture.  

How to store swimsuits in a storage unit 

If you are looking to store your swimsuits long term, take advantage of the storage unit you already have. Storing your swimwear in a storage unit is a great way to keep them in pristine condition. Most climate-controlled storage units offer a cool, dry place to keep sensitive items such as furniture, electronics, and yes, fabrics.  

If you are looking to store your swimsuits in a storage unit, make sure to organize your swimwear within a sealed garment bag within a sealed container. Avoid using carboard boxes. We recommend plastic storage bins because they’re airtight and stackable.  

How to store swimsuits in a closet 

Storing swimsuits in a closet offers an alternative to folding your swimwear. If you have extra closet space, you can hang your various bathing suits on hangers. You will be able to fit multiple one-piece and two-piece bathing suits in a small closet on the same hanger. While this method may be more time-consuming for bikinis and similar styles, it is a great alternative for swim trunks and board shorts, which can be hung using pant hangers.  

Swimsuit Storage FAQs

Should you hang up swimsuits?

While it’s tempting, you should never hang a wet swimsuit up to dry. Hanging a water-logged swimsuit can cause the suit to change shape as it dries. As an added issue, the weight of the water in a wet swimsuit can cause pieces to change shape further. Instead, lay your swimsuits flat on a drying rack to dry after washing or a day at the beach.  

How do I keep my swimsuit from dry rotting?  

To prevent your swimsuits from dry rotting during long-term storage, make sure to place a few silica gel packs in each container. Also, make sure you store your swimsuits in a cool, dry place to mitigate the effects of humidity and extreme changes in temperature.  

Store & Organize Your Swimsuits with Ease 

When it comes to storing your favorite items, including swimsuits, Store Space knows a thing or two. Next time you are giving your closet a makeover or organizing your wardrobe for the season, put our swimsuit organization and storage guide a use.  

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