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Is Beaumont, TX, a Good Place to Live?

Looking for answers to your most pressing moving question: “is Beaumont a good place to live?” If so, you found the right place. This Beaumont guide will hopefully help you answer that question and many more.

So, if you are looking for more information on moving to Beaumont, including how expensive it is to live in Beaumont and if people like living in Beaumont, then keep reading! First, let’s look at a snapshot of the city’s characteristics and learn more about its history.

Beaumont, TX, in a Snapshot

The following table includes several Beaumont statistics including population, total area, elevation and more.

Beaumont, TXFigures
Population (2010)118,296
Population (2020)116,825
Area (sq. mi.)85.19
Land Area (sq. mi.)82.46
Water Area (sq. mi.)2.73
Elevation (ft.)16.0
Time ZoneUTC-6 (Central Standard Time)
*Data was collected from

The History of Beaumont, TX

The city of Beaumont evolved from humble beginnings to become home to a bustling marine port. The earliest documentation of European settlement in the Beaumont area is dated 1824. In this year, the Tevis family settled on the western bank of the Neches River and soon developed a farm. From there, a small community grew. Eventually, the farm, surrounding area and nearby Santa Anna were purchased in 1835. These communities and land were purchased by a partnership of three men (J.P Pulsifer & Company) who immediately started drafting plans for a new town.

In 1838, the town was founded and named after the wife of Henry Millard, Mary Dewburleigh Barlace Warren Beaumont. Originally, a small collective of farmers and agrarians, Beaumont soon tripled in population after oil was discovered at nearby Spindletop in 1901.

The Texas Oil Boom propelled Beaumont through much of the early stages of the 20th century until World War II. Wartime brought continued growth to the Beaumont area as many moved to the city in search of high-paying defense and shipbuilding jobs.

Today, the city uses its shipbuilding past as a major source of economics. The Port of Beaumont is the fourth-largest port in the nation by tonnage. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the city of Beaumont supports a total population of nearly 117,000 residents (2019).

Is Beaumont, TX a safe place to live?

According to, Beaumont is listed in the 1st percentile for safety and crime. This rating means that 99% of cities nationwide are safer than Beaumont. The city’s overall crime score is an F. The city score is a composite of an “F” grade for violent crime and property crime and a “D-” for miscellaneous crime.

Looking at these ratings and scores, Beaumont appears to be a very dangerous city. However, like any larger city, there are various neighborhoods and areas that are safer than others. The safest areas in Beaumont include Calder Terrace, Lamar U and Caldwood Acres.

*Information sourced from

Is it expensive to live in Beaumont, TX?

Significantly lower than the average cost of living of Texas, Beaumont also compares nicely to the nation’s overall cost of living. One report from finds that Beaumont’s median home cost is $135,200, while the median cost of a home in the United States is $291,700.

*Compared to a national average of 100 by

While housing expenses, in particular, give Beaumont a very affordable cost of living, in other areas the city compares equally to the nation. Grocery, health, utilities and miscellaneous costs are several areas where the city is on par with the nation.

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Beaumont, TX?


Beaumont’s incredibly low housing costs are the most attractive pro of living in the city. This contributes greatly to the city’s overall cost of living, which is lower than the national average. Beaumont is also well known as a cultural hotspot complete with delicious eats, museums and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Leading the city’s secondary education is Lamar University, which is a popular school for liberal arts, nursing and business. In the fall of 2020, Lamar University enrolled approximately 5,243 undergraduate students.

In addition to the Port of Beaumont contribution’s to the area’s economy, other leading industries are energy, healthcare and education. Major employers in the city of Beaumont are the Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation, Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital, Baptists Hospitals of Southeast Texas and Lamar University.

Popular attractions in the Beaumont area include the Beaumont Botanical Gardens, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, the Texas Energy Museum, and the Cattail Marsh Wetlands. While Beaumont is not home to a professional MLB or NBA sports team, the city does support the Texas Wildcatters, an ECHL team, and a professional indoor football team, the Beaumont Drillers.

Additional entertainment opportunities in the Beaumont area include a promising culinary scene. Popular restaurants located throughout the city include Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Floyd’s Cajun Seafood, and Bruno’s Italian Kitchen.


Beaumont’s extreme crime rate is the city’s most unattractive characteristic. Crime rates in the city are significantly higher than the nation’s average. However, as previously alluded to, there are also quite a few areas in Beaumont that are considered safe. Most of the safest neighborhoods are located on the city’s western side, while crime is more prevalent in the southeast neighborhoods.

Do People Like Living in Beaumont, TX?

Residents living throughout Beaumont, often cite the city’s small-town feel, Texas charm and promising employment opportunities as the top perks of living in the area. However, like any location, life in Beaumont is what you make of it.

Are you willing to put up with a higher-than-average crime rating to secure a low cost of living? Are you interested in the various employment opportunities Beaumont offers?

These are questions you will have to answer for yourself!

Wrapping up: Is Beaumont, TX a Good Place to Live?

Did you decide you are interested in lowering your cost of living and experiencing southeastern Texas life for yourself? If so, then Beaumont might be the perfect place for you to start a new life. By setting up a new life in Beaumont, you will be able to take advantage of Beaumont’s low housing costs. The most popular reason individuals move to Beaumont is to relocate for new career opportunities.

Unless you have already made your decision, you will probably need to conduct additional research to reveal if Beaumont is the right place for you. However, once you do finally make your decision and decide to move to Beaumont or another location across the country, consider taking advantage of our moving tips. Then, once you move, stop in and visit us at your local Store Space facility.

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