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Is Greenwood, SC, a Good Place to Live? Pros & Cons

Whether they’re attracted to South Carolina’s gorgeous weather or Greenwood County’s abundance of outdoor parks, a lot of people are wondering if Greenwood, SC, is a good place to live.  

And since we know a thing or two about the breathtaking beauty, creative culture and exciting experiences that define Greenwood, we thought we would help. After all, who is better suited to take you on a tour of the city than us?  

Our first stop includes an overview of Greenwood’s location and population. Next, we’ll travel back in time to discuss Greenwood’s rich history. Then, before long we’ll be back exploring Greenwood’s current cost of living, crime rating and a few of its pros and cons.  

Buckle up. Next stop, Greenwood! 

Greenwood, SC, in a Snapshot 

Greenwood is located a short drive from several major cities. Greenwood is located just 60.4 miles south of Greenville, 76.3 miles east of Columbia and 58.4 miles north of Augusta, GA. Other notable cities in proximity to Greenwood include Athens, GA and Spartanburg, SC.  

The following table includes several statistics that measure Greenwood’s population, total area, elevation and more.  

Greenwood, SC Figures 
Population (2010) 23,222 
Population (2019) 23,403 
Area (sq. mi.) 16.46 
Land Area (sq. mi.) 16.34 
Water Area (sq. mi.) 0.12 
Elevation (ft.) 663 
Time Zone UTC-5 (Eastern Standard Time) 

*Data was collected from 

The history of Greenwood 

Born on the banks of the Greenville & Columbia Railroad, Greenwood quickly became a hub of enterprise and progress after its inception. Throughout the years, many businesses have called Greenwood home including early enterprises such as W.R. Bailey, A. St. Clair Lee, and Barksdale & Company, a general merchandiser and grocery outfit. The Greenwood Post Office is one of the oldest in the United States and has been in operation since 1837.  

Alongside Greenwood’s growing economy, the city also became an epicenter of artistic expression and culture. In 1968, the city held the first annual South Carolina Festival of Flowers to honor the centennial of the George W. Park Seed Company. In 2000, the city added the South Carolina Festival of Discovery to its annual calendar. This festival was created to celebrate the history, culture and people of South Carolina.  

Today, the city’s economy is mostly represented by manufacturing, healthcare and retail trade businesses. The city also continues to host the annual South Carolina Festival of Flowers and the South Carolina Festival of Discovery. Attendance records at these festivals have soared to new heights in recent years, with the South Carolina Festival of Flowers attracting over 80,000 visitors. 

Is Greenwood a safe place to live?  

Greenwood is listed in the 27th percentile for safety and crime according to This rating indicates that Greenwood is more dangerous than 73% of cities nationwide. The city boasts an overall crime grade of a D+. This score is a composite of scores for violent crime, property crime and miscellaneous crime. The city scored a D+, D and C+ respectively for violent, property and miscellaneous crimes.  

Is it expensive to live in Greenwood, SC? 

According to, Greenwood’s cost of living is 22.4% lower than the average cost of living across the United States. When compared to the average cost of living throughout South Carolina, Greenwood is also a very affordable place to live. Using 100 to represent the average cost of living of the United States, the average cost of living of South Carolina is 88.5. Greenwood’s cost of living is 77.6 on this scale.   

City State Cost of Living* 
Duncan OK 71.3 
Belton MO 88.5 
Brookings SD 84.0 
Forest Grove OR 121.1 
Greenwood SC 77.6 

*Data sourced from 

Housing costs in Greenwood are very affordable. The median home cost of Greenwood is $128,400, while the median home cost of the United States is $291,700. Transportation costs are another notable area of savings in Greenwood.  

What are the pros of living in Greenwood?

Living in Greenwood presents several benefits. The most popular pros to living in Greenwood include a low cost of living, gorgeous weather and stellar education opportunities. These perks make Greenwood a great place to live for families and young professionals looking to enter the housing market.  

Greenwood is also home to several attractions and outdoor recreation opportunities. Lake Greenwood State Park is the area’s premier outdoor attraction, offering camping, fishing and boating amenities.  

The Emerald Triangle is another popular destination within Greenwood. This area, located in the heart of the city, includes the newly renovated arts center, the Federal Building, the Greenwood Community Theater and the Greenwood Museum. Alongside Greenwood’s reputation of pageantry, which continues annually as the city hosts two major festivals, the Emerald Triangle is growing Greenwood’s reputation as a city of artistic expression.  

What are the cons of living in Greenwood?

Like all cities in the world, Greenwood is not perfect. The number one disadvantage to living in Greenwood is the city’s higher than average crime rating. However, not all areas of Greenwood are dangerous to live in.  

The safest neighborhoods in Greenwood are Forest Hills, Edgemere and others located in the southeastern portions of the city. According to, the most dangerous parts of Greenwood are located near the central portions of the city.  

Aside from the city’s higher than average crime rating, the cons of living in Greenwood are minimal. Although, some residents have cited that Greenwood lacks opportunity and that businesses are consistently closing down and moving out of the city.  

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