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9 Reasons why People are Moving to Louisville, KY

These days there are many reasons why people are moving to Louisville, KY. If you are searching to find out why or if Louisville is the right place for you to call home, keep reading. Below we will explore nine reasons why people are moving to Louisville.  

1. Affordable Housing Market 

Overall, Louisville’s cost of living is on par with the national average. However, in terms of affordability, Louisville performs exceptionally well in one category. With a median home price significantly lower than the national average, its quite simple to see why so many people are considering moving to Louisville, KY.  

Furthermore, the diverse neighborhoods found in Louisville continue to attract more and more families, renters and homeowners. If you are an expecting couple or a family with young children, the Rockcreek-Lexington Road neighborhood is a great place to call home. Singles and young professionals will also find plenty to love in The Highlands or Nulu (East Market District).  

2. Robust Job Opportunities 

The city’s stimulated job market Is another one of the many reasons to live in Louisville, KY. Individuals moving to the Louisville area should be able to easily start a new career and find a position within a major corporation. Organizations such as Norton Healthcare, Humana, Kroger Co., and Baptist Healthcare System, Inc all have national or regional headquarters in the city.  

Combining this robust job market with a cost of living lower than the national average, Louisville presents the opportunity for an affordable and prosperous life.  

3. Quality Education 

Education completes the trifecta of reasons to live in Louisville: the city has a number of prestigious primary and secondary schools, including duPont Manual High School, and several nationally recognized universities.  

The tallest pillar in Louisville’s academic assembly is the University of Louisville. This university supports a variety of degree programs and is consistently recognized as one of the best universities in the country for student athletes. The university is also locally and nationally regarded as one of the two best schools in Kentucky (the other being the University of Kentucky in Lexington). 

In addition, the city also supports Bellarmine UniversitySpalding University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as Jefferson Community & Technical College.  

4. Outdoor Recreation 

Many people considering moving to Louisville, KY, are also thrilled with the area’s vast parks and outdoor recreation areas. Within the city, there is plenty of green space and more than 120 parks to enjoy. Popular parks found throughout the city include Cherokee ParkWaterfront Park and Central Park.  

Outdoor enthusiasts searching for reasons to move to Louisville, will also find plenty to hike, bike and climb in the nearby Jefferson Memorial ForestCharleston State Park and Campbell-Woodland Nature Area.  

5. Action-Packed Sporting Events 

Local sports are a big deal in the Louisville area. If you are interested in catching a game in the city you will find hordes of residents rooting for the home team.  

If you are a baseball fan, consider catching a ballgame at Louisville Slugger Field. If soccer is more your speed, spend a night rooting for the Racing Louisville FC as they zoom across the pitch. Or, if you are interested in seeing how loud Louisville fans can get, head on over to the KFC Yum! Center to watch either the Louisville Cardinals’ men’s or women’s teams take on their opponents on the hardcourt.  

6. Thriving Culinary Scene 

Kentucky Fried Chicken may be the most famous/notorious culinary contribution from the Louisville area, but the city’s food scene has much more to offer. Individuals looking to get a taste for the city should consider visiting The Brown Hotel for a hot brown, The Eagle for a bowl of burgoo, or Doc Crow’s for a slice of Derby-Pie®. 

All three of these dishes are local favorites. A hot brown is a baked open-faced turkey sandwich smothered with gravy and topped with tomato. A bowl of burgoo is pork or mutton stew, and Derby-Pie® is a chocolate and walnut tart baked within a pie shell.  

7. Art & History Attractions 

Another one of the many reasons to live in Louisville, KY, is the city’s many art and history attractions. Visitors and residents looking to stay in a historic hotel should seek a reservation at the 21c Museum Hotel.  

History buffs considering moving to Kentucky will enjoy walking the halls of the Conrad-Caldwell House Museum and viewing the various works displayed at the KMAC Museum. Additional museums in the Louisville area include The Speed Art Museum, Frazier History Museum and the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.  

Residents looking to enjoy the performing arts can attend the Humana Festival of New American Plays. This internationally respected American playwright festival consists of six weeks of festival attractions and events and a variety of never-before-seen performances.  

Louisville also supports a historic community of live music. Popular venues located throughout the city include The Louisville Palace, Headliners Music Hall and the Iroquois Amphitheatre. Popular musical acts from Louisville include My Morning Jacket, Evergreen and Jack Harlow.  

8. Walking in the Footsteps of Greatness 

What could be greater than living in the city where Muhammad Ali grew up? The city continues to honor the boxer’s legacy through the display of several murals around the city. Furthermore, in the city you can also find the Muhammad Ali Center.  

This half-museum, half-interactive cultural center, is “guided by Muhammad Ali’s six core principles” and strives to “inspire young adults and adults to pursue greatness in their own lives.”  

9. The Kentucky Derby  

Yes, Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby. While we know you were likely aware of this fact, it is worth mentioning it as a reason why people are moving to Louisville. In addition to hosting the annual race, Louisville is also home to the Kentucky Derby Museum. This museum offers an intuitive and revealing look into the long and storied history of the big race.  


Q: Is Louisville a good city to move to?  

A: Located in Jefferson County, Louisville is one of the best places to live in Kentucky. Furthermore, the city supports an affordable housing market, robust industries, thriving culinary scene and prideful athletic programs. For these reasons and many more, young professionals, families and couples are all considering moving to Louisville, KY.  

Q: Why should I live in Louisville?  

A: Louisville offers many attractive amenities to its residents. The city’s housing market is very affordable, the city’s job market is very respectable, and the city also supports a healthy dose of culinary, outdoor recreation and athletic attractions.  

Q: Why would people move to Kentucky?  

Overall, Kentucky’s cost of living is lower than the national average. Furthermore, Kentucky’s largest cities offer exceptional job markets, unmatched entertainment, and local athletic and cultural pride.  

Q: What is special about Louisville, Kentucky 

The city is consistently referred to as The Derby City, because it is the home of the Kentucky Derby. In addition, the city is also well known as the childhood home of Muhammad Ali. 

Wrapping Up: Reasons People are Moving to Louisville, KY 

Louisville offers its residents the chance at a fun-filled and prosperous way of life. This composite along with the many reasons listed above is why so many people are considering moving to Louisville, Kentucky.  

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