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Uncover Ideal Medium Storage Units at Store Space

Are you on the hunt for the perfect medium storage unit? Look no further than Store Space. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier medium storage units, available to meet a variety of storage needs. Whether you're in the process of moving, merging households, navigating a divorce, caring for aging parents, or adjusting to an empty nest, our medium storage units strike the perfect balance of convenience and security.

This piece will walk you through the benefits of our medium storage units, tips for determining the right unit size, insights into our high-tech facilities, practical advice for packing and storing, the standout features of Store Space, and responses to common questions.

The Merits of Store Space's Medium Storage Units

Store Space's medium storage units shine for a multitude of reasons. Whether you're downsizing or decluttering, or you simply need extra space, our units are here to cater to your distinct needs.

A significant advantage is the ample space our medium storage units provide. They offer sufficient room for storing various items like furniture, appliances, and seasonal decorations, not to mention boxes and bins.

Additionally, we understand the importance of easy access to your storage. Therefore, we've strategically located our facilities for easy access, whether you need storage near your home, workplace, or business.

Choosing the Right Medium Storage Unit Size

The general rule of thumb is that a medium storage unit can be used to hold the furniture and other contents from three rooms of a house (or a two-bedroom apartment).

That said, it's still a good idea to calculate how much you plan to store to ensure you select the correct storage unit size. You can achieve this by assessing your inventory and storage needs. Here's a simple guide:

First, take inventory of your items. Consider their size, shape, and quantity. This will give you a better understanding of the space you require. Make a list and estimate their dimensions.

Secondly, familiarize yourself with the dimensions and capacity of our medium storage units. The most popular medium storage unit is 10x10, or roughly the size of a standard bedroom. These storage units usually have about 100 square feet of floor space and 9-foot-high ceilings for maximum storage. Other medium storage units are usually available with slightly longer or wider dimensions.

Measure your largest items and compare them with the storage unit dimensions. Remember, you may need extra space for easy access to your items.

Lastly, consider using shelves and organizational tools to maximize your unit's space. Shelving units can help you stack items vertically. Use sturdy boxes or plastic containers to organize your belongings and prevent damage.

By carefully evaluating your needs and efficiently utilizing space, you can find your perfect 10x10 storage unit at Store Space.

Features and Amenities of Our Medium Storage Units

At Store Space, our medium storage units are designed with a variety of features and amenities for your convenience and peace of mind.

If you're storing temperature-sensitive items like electronics, antiques, or essential documents, our climate control options are perfect. These units use circulated air to mitigate damage to sensitive items from temperature x or humidity extremes.

Locations with drive-up storage often feature medium storage units. As the name suggests, you can drive your car or truck right up to these units, roll up the door and start storing. Talk about convenient!

We also offer extended gate access to our units, allowing you to add or retrieve items according to your schedule. Our facilities are open seven days a week, providing the flexibility you need.

Our units include additional features like well-lit corridors, digital video cameras and computer-controlled gate access. Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist you.

With our monthly rental terms, you're not bound to a long-term contract. Our rental process is simple and hassle-free, and payments can be made online or automatically using AutoPay.

With climate control options, extended access, thoughtful features, and flexible rental terms, Store Space is your top choice for medium storage needs.

Effective Packing and Storing Tips for Medium Storage Units

Proper packing and storing in medium storage units ensure that everything stays safe and organized. Here are some tips:

Packaging fragile and breakable items: Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or packing paper for cushioning. Use sturdy boxes and fill any empty spaces with packing peanuts or crumpled paper. Label these boxes as “fragile” and stack them on top of heavier items.

Smart stacking and arrangement: Utilize vertical space by stacking boxes and furniture. Place heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Consider disassembling furniture to save space. Leave pathways between stacks for easy access to all your items.

Organizing and labeling boxes: Label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. Create an inventory list to locate specific items when needed. Place frequently accessed items near the front of the unit.

At Store Space, we offer a range of clean, secure, and well-maintained 10x10 storage units. Contact us today for the perfect storage solution!

Store Space: Your Ultimate Choice for Medium Storage Units

Store Space is your ideal choice for 10x10 storage units. We offer competitive pricing and affordable rates, ensuring value for money. Our team is committed to delivering top-notch customer service, assisting you every step of the way.

We offer an easy-to-use online reservation and payment process, sparing you from paperwork or long wait times. Keep an eye out for our promotional offers to save even more! 

At Store Space, we aim to make your storage experience smooth and convenient. Our medium storage units are designed to strike the perfect balance between size and affordability. If you have further questions, our friendly team is ready to assist. 

Common Queries about Medium Storage Units

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our medium storage units:

Q: How many different sizes of medium storage units are there?

A: The most common size of medium storage units is 10x10, or 100 sq. ft., but the range is usually between 80 and 150 sq. ft. The actual size of the available units may vary by location.

Q: What's the rental duration for a medium storage unit?

A: We offer month-to-month rentals, so you’re never trapped in a long-term contract.

Q: What’s a good rule of thumb for how much can be stored in a medium storage unit? 

A: Most experts say that the contents of three rooms or the equivalent of a two-bedroom apartment should fit in a 10x10 storage unit with little trouble.

Q: What can I store in a 10 x 10 storage unit?

A: Our units can accommodate a variety of items. However, restrictions apply to hazardous materials, perishable items, and illegal substances, as well as storing live animals, flammable materials, and firearms. Check with your store manager if you’re unsure.

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