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10 Storage Unit Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

We get it—you just rented a unit and you’re eager to get all your items packed and stored away. But don’t forget to check out these storage unit tips and tricks first!  

You’ll learn how to map out your unit (that’s right, you shouldn’t just throw boxes in there haphazardly), how to prep your mattress for storage, and even how to keep out moisture and mildew (that’s something you definitely don’t want to store). We’ll cover these storage tips and more, just keep reading and get packing!  

1. Make a Plan

The first thing you should do after you rent your unit is to make a plan! Create a list of everything you’re putting in storage and map it out. That way, you’ll know where everything is, and you won’t have to spend time rummaging through boxes.  

Pro tip: you can map out your unit with a simple sketch, just designate certain areas of your unit to certain rooms or sections of your house.  

2. Label Like Crazy 

labeled moving boxes

Labeling is one of the most crucial parts of packing your storage unit. Make sure you’re thorough when labeling your boxes—include what room the box is from and everything that’s inside. It may seem like a lot of work, but you don’t want to go through all your boxes looking for the extra set of sheets when you’re expecting company. Plan ahead to save time (and headaches) later! 

3. Pack Fragile Items Carefully  

You’ll want to be super careful when packing fragile items. You don’t want your wedding china to get damaged or break while in storage. In order to keep these items safe, make sure to wrap them with bubble wrap or plastic and pad the boxes with packing paper.  

Pro tip: use your towels and sheets to wrap any fragile items. This will save space and protect your belongings.  

4. Put Heavy Items in Small Boxes 

There’s nothing worse than a box so heavy you can’t move it. That’s why it’s a good idea to put all your heavy items in small boxes. Minimize the weight per box and fill up those large boxes with your lighter items.  

5. Clean Your Mattress 

Did you know? You should always clean your mattress before putting it in storage. Spread baking soda on your mattress, vacuum it up, and make sure it completely dries out before storing.  

Pro tip: check out this blog for more mattress storing tips.  

6. Watch Out for Moisture 

desiccants for removing moisture

Moisture means mildew and mold. So, make sure anything you plan to store, including any watercraft, water gear, or recently washed clothing are completely dry before putting them in storage. Adding silica gel desiccant packets to humidity-sensitive items will go a long way to keep them protected for a long time. 

Pro tip: you’ll also want to be careful when storing appliances like refrigerators and washers. Make sure they are completely clean and empty, and leave the door slightly ajar while in storage.  

7. Disassemble Furniture 

A storage unit can fill up fast—that’s why it’s a great idea to disassemble any furniture before storing it. For all the furniture you can’t take apart, save space by putting boxes in cabinets or even filling drawers. (Just make sure you take the drawers out if it gets too heavy to move!)  

8. Stack it Up 

Make the most of your storage unit’s vertical space, too. When stacking your belongings, don’t forget to put heavy items and boxes on the bottom and smaller/lighter cardboard boxes on top. We don’t want any falling boxes!  

9. Make an Aisle 

storage unit aisle

When you’re organizing your storage unit, don’t forget to make an aisle to the back. That way you can easily access all your items.  

Pro tip: pack the items you’ll need most often toward the front.  

10. You Can Store Almost Anything 

This may go without saying, but don’t store any prohibited items in your storage unit. This includes perishables, live plants, flammable or toxic materials. If you’re unsure whether an item can be kept in a storage unit, just check with your storage facility.  

Bonus: Consider Climate-Control  

climate-controlled storage unit is always a good idea. These units stay between 55- and 80-degrees year-round to ensure your sensitive items like furniture, electronics, paper and wood are protected from humidity and changing temperatures.  

Pro tip: for proper air circulation, put down wooden pallets to keep your items off the floor.  

Wrapping Up Storage Unit Tips and Tricks  

We hope this list of storage unit tips and tricks will help you have an awesome self-storage experience. For more storage tips, check out our blog on  organizing your storage unit in 8 steps. Looking to store your possessions for a long time? Check out the 6 Golden Rules for Packing for Long-Term Storage.

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