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How to Wrap Furniture for Storage and Maximum Protection

Inside most storage units you will find at least one piece of furniture. Not only is furniture one of the most stored items, but it is also one of the most sensitive. Therefore, knowing how to properly wrap your furniture to protect it is vital. You wouldn’t want to open your storage unit up in a month and notice that your antique wooden chairs have begun to warp or that your family’s couch has begun to mold from extreme condensation.  

So, how do you store furniture properly?  

You wrap it.  

Keep reading to learn more about furniture wrapping and the steps you need to follow to preserve even your most sensitive furniture pieces.  

Lay Down Plastic Sheeting 

The first step to protecting furniture for storage is to prepare your storage unit for such possessions. Laying down plastic sheeting in your storage unit is a great way to prevent moisture from seeping up from the floor and damaging your items. A climate-controlled storage unit is your best defense against moisture and humidity, but if climate-controlled storage is not an option, then laying down plastic sheeting is your next best bet.  

men wrapping furniture in plastic wrap

Cover your Furniture 

No need to pack away your old sheets and blankets. Repurpose these (or purchase drop cloths) to completely cover all your furniture items. Covering your furniture when placing it into storage will protect the pieces from dust and moisture.  

How to Wrap Wooden Furniture for Storage (and most other pieces) 

When asking how to shrink wrap furniture for storage, it is important to make sure the pieces are not wrapped too tightly. If your pieces are wrapped with plastic wrap or bubble wrap too tightly, they may be prone to condensation. In addition, we don’t recommend using shrink wrap in markets with extreme humidity. When you do go about wrapping your furniture, you should take care to lightly wrap each piece. This will allow each piece to breathe. As noted above, a great way to achieve this with blankets, sheets or drop cloths is to lightly drape the material over the furniture pieces before placing them into storage.  

How long can you keep furniture stored? 

Furniture that is properly prepped can be stored indefinitely. To properly store most furniture pieces for a prolonged amount of time you will want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. The temperature in these storage units is regulated to avoid drastic climate changes that might otherwise damage furniture and other sensitive items.  

Take Advantage of Climate-controlled Storage 

As previously discussed, climate-controlled storage units are your furniture’s best defense against humidity and moisture. While climate-controlled storage is a necessity for prolonged furniture storage, you will also want to consider it for all your furniture storing needs. Even if you are only storing a few furniture items for a month while relocating or remodeling, climate-controlled storage can offer unmatched protection and peace of mind.  

Storing Your Furniture in a Storage Unit  

After you rent a storage unit, lay down your plastic covering, and wrap your furniture, you will then want to place the furniture in your storage unit. When placing your furniture into the storage unit, take time to carefully place each piece at least a few inches from the storage unit walls to ensure there is proper airflow. To prevent damage to any of your furniture pieces, avoid placing objects, boxes or other items on top of the pieces.  

Next Steps: Storing Furniture  

Hopefully, this guide was of service to you. At Store Space we pride ourselves on offering professional storage, exceptional customer service, and helpful storage solutions and storage blog content. 

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If you are looking for a storage facility in your area, check out our  storage location finder.  

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