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The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Need more space for your family photos, rockin’ record collection, or winter wardrobe? You need a climate-controlled storage unit!

Climate-controlled storage units use circulating air to regulate the building’s temperature and mitigate damage from extreme temperature changes and high humidity. Whether or not you need a climate-controlled unit depends largely on what you’re planning to store, but an extra measure of care is certainly welcome. Sensitive items like furniture, fabric, media and more can benefit from a temperature-regulated unit.

Keep reading to learn more about climate-controlled storage, and find out why these units are the right fit for you!


Why Choose Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate-control is essential if you’re storing sensitive items in your self-storage unit. These units help mitigate damage from varying temperatures and humidity.

If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, climate-controlled storage is the best solution. Excessive heat can be harmful to media, photographs, furniture and more—as hot temperatures may result in expanding and warping. Cold temperature can also cause cracking or shrinking.

Humidity is one of the biggest threats to your stored items. High humidity can cause mold and mildew growth on fabrics and furniture. That’s why climate-controlled storage is so important—because your sensitive items need regulated temperature and reduced humidity in storage!

Ideal Items for Climate Control

Climate-control can be beneficial for everything from family heirlooms to electronics. Often times, climate-control is a good idea if you’re storing items long-term. But if you live in an environment prone to temperature changes and humidity swings, climate-control may be necessary even if you’re just storing for a short period of time.

Furniture and antiques

Nana’s rocking chair should be kept in a climate-controlled space! Wood furniture pieces can warp, swell, split and more if stored in an unstable environment. Antique furniture is especially susceptible to any fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Consider storing dressers, couches, beds, tables and more in a climate-controlled space.

Electronics and appliances

High temperatures can be damaging to plastics, composite metals and glues used in many electronics and appliances. Batteries are also sensitive to extreme temperature changes and can rust or corrode when exposed to high humidity.


Everything is stream-able nowadays, but if you don’t want to toss your prized DVD, CD, or vinyl collection, keep it in a climate-control storage unit. Varying temperatures can cause warping or chipping and damage your vinyl. Read our blog for more vinyl storage tips.


Temperature changes and humidity can cause art pieces to crack, split, expand, mold and more. Be sure to keep your art collection in a climate-controlled storage unit, whether it’s your 5-year old’s finger painting or your favorite thrifted piece—where you store them matters! Find more art storage tips in our blog.


Almost all fabrics including clothes, upholstered furniture, pillows, curtains, hats, etc., can benefit from climate-control. High humidity can cause mold and mildew growth or attract moths, so it’s important to keep these items in a temperature-regulated environment. Learn how to store your clothes correctly with these tips and tricks.

Books and paper

Heat and humidity can cause books, documents, paper and more to curl or fade. Be sure to keep any photographs in a climate-controlled unit to keep them in good shape and preserve the memories! Follow these tips to store paper products correctly.


Maintaining Optimal Conditions for Climate Control

Okay, climate-controlled storage sounds great—but how does it even work?

Climate-controlled storage units have regulated temperature due to circulated air throughout the building. The circulating air adjusts the building’s temperature opposite to the outside temperature, mitigating damage from extreme temperature changes and relative humidity.


Choosing the Right Climate Controlled Storage Facility

After you’ve determined you need a climate-controlled storage unit, you may be wondering which facility to rent at. Be sure to consider location, accessibility, customer reviews and customer experience when choosing a self-storage facility.  

Store Space is constantly growing, so we make it easy to find a location near you! Just check out our storage location finder to find your nearest Store Space. We offer extended access hours, with many of our facilities accessible 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

Our customers are our top priority. We strive to give you the best storage experience possible—from renting a unit, to moving in and beyond!

If you ever have any storage questions, or would like to speak with our experts, feel free to reach out to our Care Center at 833-786-7366.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is climate-controlled storage?

A: Climate-controlled storage units offer circulated airflow to help mitigate damage from extreme temperature changes and humidity.

Q: Is climate-control worth it for storage?

A: Yes, climate-control is worth it. Especially if you live in an area with extreme temperature changes and high humidity. If you’re storing sensitive items like furniture, fabric, electronics, appliances, paper and more, climate-control is a good idea.

Q: Why would you want climate-controlled storage?

A: Climate-controlled units help mitigate damage from temperature changes and humidity, especially for sensitive items.

Q: What if there’s no climate-controlled storage near me?

A: Don’t worry if climate-controlled storage isn’t offered at a location near you. Store Space offers a variety of other storage units like indoor, drive-up and more. Check out your nearest location with our storage location finder.

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