Seasonal Storage: 7 Tips to Easily Transition from Summer to Fall

Seasonal Storage: 7 Tips to Easily Transition from Summer to Fall

By: Sarah Dirks


August 27, 2021

The transition from popsicles to pumpkin spice lattes means only one thing—seasonal storage. As summer turns to fall and swimsuits change to sweaters, remember that a change of seasons is much easier with self-storage.

Whether you’re eager to put away your canoes, pool toys and summer clothing, or dreading the orange decorations, rakes and big coats, the seasons will change no matter what. Don’t fight it, embrace it—with easy seasonal storage solutions from Store Space.

We’ve put together a list of tips to keep in mind while you’re putting your summer memories in seasonal storage and taking out everything for fall fun!

popsicles at the end of summer
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Summer Gear to Put into Seasonal Storage

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to accept that many summertime activities will, too. Stow away your watercraft and side by sides, make room in your dressers for bulky sweaters, and put away your outdoor rec gear— your lawnmower needs some time off!

1.      Pack up things that float

If you spent your summer on the water, we’re jealous. But that means you definitely need seasonal storage for your boat, canoe, kayak, and any other watercraft. It’s not a good idea to keep any watercraft outside in the elements for an extended period of time, especially if they’re uncovered. Check out our boat storage guide or kayak storage blog for more information.  

Chances are you won’t need any floaties, sandcastle supplies, goggles, etc. for a while either. So, all your pool gear or beach accessories can be stored until next summer. (Unless you’re located somewhere that stays warm year-round—lucky you.)

Pro tip: make sure all your accessories are fully dry before putting them in storage to prevent any mold.  

camping and hiking gear to put in season storage for the fall
Photo by Karson Chan on Unsplash

2.      Store outdoor gear

Unless you’re a professional guide, climber, hiker or outdoorsman, chances are you won’t use your outdoor gear as much when the weather gets cooler.

Pro tip: store your camping and hiking gear in totes or bins to make it easy to find when next summer comes around.

3.      Put away summer clothes

You’ll want those warm comfy sweaters when it gets chilly outside. Since they’ll take up more room in the closet, store all your summer clothing in a storage unit. For swimsuits and swimwear, check out how to store swimsuits.

Pro tip: if you have multiple people in your household, store clothing in boxes or bins and organize by person. This will prevent everyone’s clothes from getting mixed up.

4.      Load lawn and garden supplies in a storage unit

Colder weather means swapping out the gardening supplies, lawnmowers and sprinklers for rakes and shovels. Yardwork is never done.

Pro tip: here’s an article about winterizing your lawnmower. Even though it’s not winter yet, the more love you show your mower before storing it, the happier it’ll be when you need it next spring.

pumpkins outside in the fall
Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

Fall Gear to Take out of Seasonal Storage

Not only is it time to store summer items, it’s time to get ready for fall! So, grab that fall décor, a few comfy sweaters, and leaf blowers from your storage unit—fall is here!

1.      Decorate—with fall décor

“Hello fall” also means “hello orange.” Orange flower arrangements, orange leaves, orange signs, and lots and lots of pumpkins. Did you know, pumpkins are considered a fruit? They’re in the Cucurbitaceae family with over 900 other species. Even if fall isn’t your favorite time of the year, at least jack o’lanterns are cool (and delicious). It’s time to get festive and take those fall décor boxes out of storage.

Pro tip: while you take out your fall décor, aren’t you glad you didn’t put any real pumpkins in your storage unit? We are too! Because perishable items are not allowed in self-storage.

2.      Find your warm clothes

As you put your summer clothes in seasonal storage, don’t forget to take out your fall fashion. Grab some sweaters, lightweight jackets, long sleeve shirts, and jeans from storage, so you’ll be ready when the first frost hits.

raking leaves in the fall

3.      Get out fall/winter lawn supplies

As we forewarned, hopefully, you didn’t get too excited about putting away your lawn and garden supplies—because it’s not over. If you have a tree anywhere near your home, chances are you’ll have some raking to do. Those leaves won’t hang on until winter, so raking is a must. On the upside—leaf piles can be lots of fun for kids.

Grab those rakes, leaf blowers and snow removal gear while you’re in your storage unit. It may seem too early to pull out your snow blowers and shovels now, but you never know when the first snow of the season will hit. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared?

Pro tip: you can put items with long handles in a large trashcan. This saves space and prevents the tools from getting tangled together.

Jeep off-roading in the summer
Photo by Nicolas Cool on Unsplash

Seasonal Storage for Vehicles

Whether your off-roading jeep is strictly summer fun, your RV is tuckered out for the season, or you can’t be on the boat past September, your vehicles may need a place to stay until it gets warm again. You can even keep your off-road side by side or specialized hunting vehicle in seasonal storage when hunting season is over! (Just keep your guns and game at home.)

Types of seasonal storage for vehicles

It can be a challenge to find the perfect seasonal storage for your vehicle. So, it’s a good thing Store Space offers vehicle storage options to keep your motorcycle, car, boat or RV safe until next summer.

  • Drive-Up Storage – these units are considered indoor, they can accommodate vehicles up to 7 ft. tall, ideal for cars, motorcycles, pop-up campers and teardrop trailers
  • Outdoor Parking – these units can be covered or uncovered, and up to 10 ft. by 30 ft or larger, perfect for fifth wheels and the biggest RVs

Motorcycle storage

Seasonal storage is the best solution for your motorcycle. When the weather cools down and you can’t ride your bike every day, its safety should be your top priority. Good thing Store Space offers secure vehicle storage options to keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape until you’re ready to take it out for a ride.  

Most motorcycles can fit in units at least 5 ft. by 10 ft. and side by sides can fit in our 10 ft. by 10 ft. units. Be sure to check out our motorcycle storage page and our blog for more information about storing your bike!

Car storage

Car show season is over, and even though you may be heading to some Cars & Coffee events this fall, make sure you have a storage unit or parking space lined up before the weather changes. Most cars can fit in 10 ft. by 20 ft. units, but some may require larger spaces.

For tips and tricks to keep your collector car in great condition in self-storage, read our blog on classic car storage!

Here are a few things to remember while storing your vehicles:

  • Drain as much fuel from the tank as possible
  • Disconnect the battery (or use a trickle charger)
  • Make sure tires are inflated
  • All vehicles (motorcycles, cars, RVs, and boats must have current registration and insurance
  • Don’t forget to switch your summer tires with winter tires if you keep them in your storage unit

If you’re using outdoor seasonal storage, make sure to buy a cover (check out these websites for car covers, motorcycle covers, boat covers and RV covers). You’ll also want to clean your vehicle before putting it in storage and make sure everything is dry to prevent mold.

Pro tip: get your vehicle serviced before storing it (including flushing and filling brake fluid and coolant). Maintenance or repair is not permitted at your unit.

Leaf changing from summer to fall means it's time for seasonal storage
Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

FAQs for Seasonal Storage

Q: What is not allowed in self-storage?

A: There are a few things you are not allowed to keep in a storage unit. You can’t store perishable items, illicit drugs, firearms, fuel or explosives in your unit. It’s important to note that certain states have additional prohibited items, so make sure to check with your store manager if you have any questions. (Or check out our help center page for more info.)

Q: How do I organize my self-storage unit?

A: If you want to organize your storage unit, the first step is to make sure everything is labeled. You’ll also want a master list, a map of your unit and a center aisle so you can make it to the back. Read this blog about organizing your storage unit!

Q: Will clothes get ruined in a storage unit?

A: Clothes will not get ruined in a storage unit if you prepare and carefully pack them in your storage unit. Make sure to wash your clothes before storing them, check that they’re fully dry, and put them in the right boxes. For short-term storage, regular cardboard boxes will do, but for long-term storage, it’s a good idea to invest in plastic bins.

Q: Can you sleep in your storage unit?

A: No, you can’t live in your storage unit. It’s illegal, against local housing laws, and is very dangerous. (There is no running water, plumbing and the door closes from the outside.)

Wrapping Up Seasonal Storage

Hopefully, this blog has helped you prepare for seasonal storage. While you’re adjusting to the changing weather, keep Store Space in mind for your storage needs. We can hold beach balls or pumpkins, swimsuits or sweaters, and lawnmowers or snow blowers. There isn’t a season we can’t handle.

If you’re ready to switch seasons like a pro, find your nearest Store Space facility with our store finder.

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