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How to Upgrade Your Home This Year: 11 Ideas for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Make the most of this year by completing the home improvement projects that have been on your to-do list for far too long. Whether you want to change it up with a fresh coat of paint or repave the driveway, we’ve compiled a list of 11 ways to upgrade your home this year.

Find inspiration and unique transformation ideas in the list below. Many of the projects can be completed in a weekend, while some projects may require more time and effort, as well as help from professionals. We’ve arranged these tasks from easiest to hardest. Start improving your home today!

1. Switch out Light Plates

Although it seems like an insignificant task, switching out light plates can add to your room’s aesthetic. These plates come in a variety of materials and colors so you can choose one that complements your space.

It’s important to update your light plates because damaged or cracked plates can be a hazard. Any exposed wires carry a risk of shock or even electrical fires. Replacing light switch covers is not only a cheap and easy home upgrade you can do yourself, but it’s a good practice.

2. Give it a Deep Clean

Enjoy a fresh, neat space and prepare your home for other home improvement projects by deep cleaning your house!

Be sure to wipe down surfaces and walls, dust, sweep and mop floors, and clean windows. If you want to get a head start on your spring cleaning, check out our blog with the ultimate spring-cleaning checklist (you’ll find a to-do list and tips to help deep clean your home).

If you’re not interested in the big spring clean quite yet, it’s a good idea to at least get your home ready for spring. You should clean out your dryer vent, replace filters, declutter and check your smoke alarms.

Deep cleaning your home also gives you a head start on many additional home improvement projects. (You can’t paint dirty walls!)

3. Create More Storage

Efficiently using space creates an organized and decluttered home. So, make the most of your home with more storage space. Consider what areas or rooms in your house could benefit from extra storage, then decide what storage hacks you’d like to use!

One of our favorite tips is to use boxes and bins, shelving units, and drawer organizers. Don’t forget to take advantage of underused space under the stairs, on the walls, behind doors, and under the bed.

4. Change up Your Furniture

Another fun, affordable home improvement project is rearranging your furniture. You don’t have to buy all new pieces, simply change the floor plan. Put the couch where the chairs used to be, or the TV stand on the opposite wall. Reconfiguring living spaces can make the space feel new and different, and it costs nothing!

Change it up even more by upcycling your old furniture. Use pieces for alternate purposes (like a dresser as a media stand or a chest as a coffee table). Or, pick up a used piece of furniture from a thrift store and restore it at home yourself. Here are a few great tips for flipping thrifted furniture.

5. Consider Smart Technology

Step into the future with smart home technology! High-tech gadgets can make your life easier and your home safer. Home assistants such as Alexa, Google and Siri can control any connected devices as well as play music. Smart light bulbs, a connected thermostat, and even a pet camera are incredible gadgets to enhance your experience at home.

Smart home security systems are also a popular upgrade. Some common features include outdoor security cameras, video doorbells and smart locks. Many smart home gadgets are simple enough to install yourself, but if you’d like more complex features, call the pros.

6. Update Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to break the bank. If you want to make a splash with your kitchen upgrades on a budget, you can get new hardware for drawers and doors, or paint your cabinets a new color.

Upgrading your kitchen appliances is a considerable investment, but greatly improves your space. Consider stainless steel appliances or integrated appliances (appliances that blend in with your cabinets). Other major renovation projects like replacing the countertops (with granite, marble, butcher block, etc.), or changing the flooring would best be completed with professional help.

7. Upgrade Your Bathroom

There are a number of ways to spruce up your bathroom. Refresh the space on a budget by replacing hardware, painting cabinets or trim, or changing light fixtures/faucets. Tossing the old shower curtain and getting a new one is also a good move.

Or, if you’d like to make a bigger splash, hire the pros to install a trendy zero-threshold shower. Instead of stubbing your toe on the floor basin of a regular shower, these showers transition seamlessly from the bathroom floor to the shower floor.

Installing heated flooring is the ultimate bathroom renovation! Radiant flooring is heated either by electric heating or hydronic heating, and it’s professionally installed underneath flooring like laminate, tile or wood. It is expensive (anywhere from $6-$20 per square foot), but it can decrease your energy bills long-term.

8. Refresh Your Outdoor Space

While you’re upgrading your home this year, don’t forget to give your yard some attention too! Whether you have a major green thumb or house plants shudder in your presence, make this the year you grow a garden or add some landscaping elements to your yard. Gardening is also a great hobby that can save you money on groceries.

Updating or creating outdoor spaces can also improve property value. Building a deck increases the square footage of your home, but is less expensive to build than adding a home addition. Or, consider constructing an outdoor kitchen or seating area, building or erecting a pergola, or building a water feature. (These projects would benefit from professional help.)

9. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint makes a huge impact on the appearance of your space. When picking a paint color, it’s important to consider your desired aesthetic or style. A minimalistic design often includes neutral colors like taupe or gray, and a maximalist space may benefit from a bold accent wall.

Painting the exterior of your house can increase the value of your home, but it’s a daunting task! Professional painters can help ease the process. If you’re not ready to paint the entire exterior, you can easily repaint your front door or refinish the porch.

10. Improve Energy Efficiency

Want to better your home and the environment? Make your home more energy efficient with a little help from professionals! Cool roofs reflect more sunlight than an average roof, and therefore reduces the energy required to cool your home.

Other energy-saving solutions include updating windows and doors, replacing your water heater, and changing light bulbs. Home solar energy requires a substantial financial investment upfront, but can reduce energy bills in the long run.

11. Repave the Driveway

Another project that increases property value is paving or repairing your driveway. A professionally paved driveway improves curb appeal and requires less maintenance than a gravel or dirt drive.

The average cost of repaving a driveway can range from $2,800 to $9,600. Some of the best materials to use for paving are concrete (or colored concrete), asphalt and pavers. Be sure to annually fill cracks and wash the driveway regularly.

FAQs: How to Upgrade Your Home

Q: What upgrades bring the most value to a home?

A: A few upgrades that increase the value of your home include kitchen renovations, appliance updates, a basement or garage remodel, and upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

Q: Where do I start when upgrading my house?

A: After you decide to upgrade your home, the first step is to create a renovation plan! You should figure out what projects you can do yourself and what projects will require professional help. It’s also a good idea to set a budget and a timeline before getting started.

Q: What decreases property value?

A: There are a few factors that can decrease your property value, many of which you have no control over. Changes in the real estate market, natural disasters or foreclosures in your neighborhood can affect the value of your home.

Q: What should I renovate first in my house?

A: The first thing you should renovate in your house is the kitchen! An updated kitchen can serve as a gathering place for you and your family. If you’re interested in selling, it can also add value to your home.

Q: Should I install floors or paint walls first?

A: Generally, it’s suggested to install flooring first and then paint the walls. Install the flooring, then use drop cloths and painter’s tape to avoid getting paint on the new floors.

Finishing Touches: Upgrading Your New Home

We hope these home upgrade ideas have inspired you to refresh your home this year! Whether you’re looking for a project large or small, these improvement projects can help you create your dream home. What project will you try first? Comment below! If you need more space while working on your home, Store Space offers secure, affordable self-storage! We have a variety of features and amenities to ensure you find the unit that best meets your needs. You can locate your nearest facility using our storage location finder.

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