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The Best Storage Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Declutter and Organize Your Home

Have you been scouring the internet for some of the best storage hacks? From enhancing a workspace to organizing a spice rack to decluttering closets—find the tips and tricks you need right here!

We’ve combined our knowledge of storage with some awesome hacks from our favorite Pinterest accounts to create the ultimate list of storage hacks for your whole home, all in one place.

Keep reading for decluttering tips, organizing ideas and storage hacks!

Get Ready for Our Storage Hacks

In order to take full advantage of the epic storage hacks coming your way, you need to follow a few steps first. Here are five tips to prepare your home for some of the best storage tricks!

1) Make a Plan

Before you take advantage of our storage hacks, you need to make a decluttering plan. Write down the areas in your home that you would like to organize or refresh, and break down the list into reasonable tasks. Plan to declutter for a certain amount of time each day or week to set yourself up for success.

2) Clean it Out (and Clean)

Whether you’re tackling your closet, home office or bathroom, you need to start with a clean slate. Take everything out of the room and sort it into three piles—keep, donate and throw away. While everything is out of the way, this is a perfect time to deep clean the space (so it’s also clean and fresh when you put items back).

3) Measure Your Space

Measuring is a crucial step in order to purchase the right-sized storage solutions. While you’re organizing your closet, you’ll need dimensions to get the correct length of hanging rods, bins and more. This can also be beneficial when seeking storage solutions for desk or dresser drawers or kitchen cabinets.

4) Purchase Storage Solutions

After you’ve made a plan, purged and measured your space—it’s time to purchase storage solutions. Consider drawer organizers, shelving units, baskets, bins, jars and much, much more. What you need to organize (and what storage hacks you’ll be using below) will impact what storage solutions work best for your home.

5) Use our Storage Hacks

After you’ve properly prepped your space—it’s time to put some storage hacks to use! As you’re reading through these awesome storage hacks, figure out which ones you would like to implement and make a note of what you will need to make it happen.

Basement Storage Hacks

If the mountain of clutter in your basement has officially gotten out of control—it’s time for a few storage hacks. Check out our blog on how to organize your basement before using these awesome tips and tricks from Pinterest.

SpaceOptimized on Pinterest offers a variety of storage hacks—including how to build a storage shelf, under stairs storage ideas, DIY organization tips and more. For even more basement organization hacks, check out Silver Lining Organizers. Here are some great tips from these Pinterest accounts:

  • Build a custom shelving unit: you can either choose standalone shelving or mounted shelving that uniquely fits your space and satisfies your storage needs
  • Use pegboards: helpful for hanging tools or craft supplies on the wall (without taking up much space)
  • Store items under stairs: simple shelving or a cabinet takes advantage of otherwise unused space
  • Use cube organizers: can fit many different items, many baskets and bins to choose from
  • Hang items on the walls: like floating shelves, cabinets, hooks
  • Use plastic storage bins: sort items and place them in plastic storage bins on a shelving unit

Bonus hack: If you’ll be storing sensitive items in your basement (like antiques, wood, furniture, electronics and more) you need to eliminate humidity by buying a humidifier, cleaning, painting or waterproofing areas.

Small Closet Storage Hacks

Organizing a small closet takes a lot of effort—but with some tips to maximize small closet space, and storage hacks from some of the top storage Pinterest accounts—your small closet will be clean and organized in no time.

Pinterest is your one-stop shop for closet storage hacks! DIY Boards has a number of unique closet organization tips—with everything from scarf organizing tricks to space-saving hacks. For decluttering tips, shoe organizing hacks and more—check out Organized Bliss. Finally, find tips for cleaning out your closet and ways to store your accessories, shoes and clothes, with Vetta. Here are some incredible hacks from these boards:

  • Hang an extra rod: create more space for hanging clothes
  • Add a small dresser: take advantage of space below hanging clothes
  • Get over the door shoe racks: store shoes, winter gear and more
  • Create a crown molding shoe rack: hook high heels on moulding
  • Use seasonal storage for off-season clothes: save space by only keeping current season items in your closet

Bonus hack: Check out our blog for tips on how to store ties, shoes, hats and more.

Small Office Storage Hacks

Many of us have transitioned from working in the office to working from home. While you may enjoy the freedom of taking meetings in your pajamas, it’s important to create a functional and productive workspace.

Command’s Pinterest board on office organization offers several ways their products can help you keep your office organized. Or check out Terrie Rodgers’ board for organizing desk drawers and keeping things neat. These are our some of our favorite hacks:

  • Arrange items by significance: put items you use the most closest to you, the least further away
  • Use wall space: hang shelves, a white board, filing baskets
  • Get drawer organizers: organize office supplies, papers
  • Organize cords: use hooks, stickers or tape
  • Store office supplies in jars or containers: keep pens, pencils and more organized
  • Create a filing system: store files on the wall, in drawers, filing cabinet

Kitchen Storage Hacks

When is the last time you completely emptied out your kitchen cabinets? Cleaned out your fridge or pantry? (Here are a few tips for cleaning cabinets.) Be sure to prep your kitchen before utilizing these storage hacks from our top Pinterest accounts.

DIY Boards is a great account for kitchen organization. Just check out their board for practical ways to store items like spices, pans and more. Terry Shelton also has a variety of organization hacks for drawers, cabinets and shelving. Visit Rachel Miller’s kitchen organization board for fridge and freezer food organization hacks and more. Check out more awesome hacks:

  • Map out where everything will go: put baking sheets near the oven, pots near the stove, glasses near the fridge
  • Keep your spices on the fridge: use magnetic containers to store spices so they can be stored on the side of the fridge
  • Hang pots and pans: use a hanging system to take up less space
  • Invest in drawer organizers: organize silverware, utensils, other small kitchen gadgets
  • Hang spatulas, whisks, large spoons: use hooks on the wall
  • Hang a shoe organizer for pantry items: put spices, cans and other small items in the pockets of a shoe organizer
  • Use jars, baskets and containers: store large utensils, spatulas, tongs

Bathroom Storage Hacks

Even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, you still have a lot of things to store in there! From beauty and hygiene products to medication, utilize storage hacks to ensure your bathroom is both beautiful and functional.

Homeroad has a Pinterest board dedicated to bathroom storage including easy and attractive ways to organize a cabinet or bathroom vanity. Find even more storage hacks on Terri Davis Art + Design’s board, or the Container Store’s page for a variety of ways to use their products to create a clean and organized space. Visit Polished Habitat for ways to organize bathroom closets, shelves and medicine cabinets. Here are some of our favorite hacks from these Pinterest accounts:

  • Hang a shelf or a cabinet above the toilet: take advantage of wall space, store toilet paper or extra towels
  • Use baskets or shelves under the sink: try an adjustable basket to maximize storage space
  • Consider drawer organizers for small items: store toothpaste and toothbrushes, saline solution, cosmetics
  • Use large boxes and baskets in your bathroom closet: store large towels, rugs
  • Add hanging storage racks inside cabinet doors: store small hygiene or beauty products
  • Mount or hang products in the shower: add an extra tension rod in the shower or a shower caddy

Bonus hack: When cleaning out your bathroom, be sure to safely throw away anything that has expired. Check out this blog to learn more about safely disposing unused medicines from the FDA.

Bedroom Storage Hacks

After you’ve cleaned and organized the rest of your home—you can’t forget to organize the bedrooms! This is especially important if your spare room has become the official spot for off-season clothes, holiday décor, seasonal items and more. Storage hacks from some of our top Pinterest accounts make it easy go get your bedrooms organized.

Find tips to organize your dressers, store accessories and more from Anne Christensen. Or check out Melody Gee for design and organization inspiration. Here are some bedroom storage tips and tricks:

  • Hang jewelry and accessories: use a peg board or hooks
  • Use drawer organizers in your dresser: separate small clothing items
  • Get an under the bed storage organizer: store shoes, clothing, winter gear
  • Loft your bed for more space: take advantage under the bed storage solutions
  • Get a storage ottoman: place at the end of the bed to store blankets or bedding

Home Storage FAQs:

How can I organize my home with no storage?

One of the most important things to do if you lack storage in your home is to declutter often. You’ll also want to use wall space, store vertically, choose furniture with storage and store items on the back of your door. Take advantage of all the space you have. If you need more room for items that do not fit in your house, but you can’t get rid of yet, rent a storage unit!

How do I maximize storage in a small room?

In order to maximize storage in a small room, you should use wall storage, put a trunk at the end of the bed, hide your dresser in the closet, maximize under the bed storage, use the space in your closet and try multi-use furniture.

How do you really declutter?

Decluttering is essential in order to make the most of your space, or make a small space seem bigger. Start by going through what you already own and deciding what to keep, throw away or donate. Then organize those essential items using some of the storage hacks above.

What is the best way to organize clothes?

The best way to organize clothes is to declutter your closet first, and get rid of anything you don’t wear. Only keep current-season clothes in your closet, consider hanging an additional rack, putting a dresser under the clothes rack or install drawers and shelving. Check out our tips to maximize small closet space.

Get Started with These Storage Hacks

The right storage hack can take your space to the next level. Now that you know of some top storage hacks, and how to declutter your home beforehand, it’s time to get started!

If you need more space while you’re reorganizing, or if you need a little more room after using these miraculous storage hacks, check out Store Space. We offer secure and affordable storage solutions around the U.S. Locate your nearest facility with our storage location finder.

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