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Is Fairview, NJ, a Good Place to Live? Pros & Cons

Located near Newark and New York City, Fairview is a metropolitan hotspot for young professionals and career-oriented Americans. Supported by its strong public schools and low crime rating, the borough is also a haven for families. The tradeoff for Fairview’s prime location is heavy traffic and congestion.  

What’s more important to you? Does Fairview’s population density overrule the area’s many pros? Or do Fairview’s many amenities and expansive job market continue to shine through?  

Find out if Fairview is a good place to live for you by continuing to read our latest city guide. Along the way, we’ll look at Fairview’s crime rating, cost of living, job market and more.  

What are the Pros of Living in Fairview NJ? 

Living in Fairview can present benefits to a variety of people.  

The most common benefits of living in Fairview include the area’s central location, low crime rating, family-friendly community, endless things to do and an expansive job market. Let’s look at each of these pros in more detail. 

Where is Fairview located?  

Fairview is a borough of New Jersey, located in Bergen County. The borough is located just south of Palisades Park and a few miles west of the Hudson River. This location makes Fairview a great place to live for those working in New York City or Newark. The borough is an 11-mile drive away from Park Row in New York City and a 14-mile drive away from central Newark.  

Fairview’s central location also makes it easy to access the East Coast’s many vacation destinations. From metropolitan day trips to weekend-long outdoor retreats, Fairview is close to it all.  

The borough is located just a 2-hour drive away from Philadelphia, a four-hour drive away from Boston and four hours away from Washington, D.C. Upstate New York, Vermont or New Hampshire are also close by and offer some of the best hiking, skiing and camping in the nation. 

Is Fairview a safe place to live?  

According to, Fairview’s total crime rating is significantly lower than the national average and the average crime rating in New Jersey.  

Family-friendly community  

Being a relatively safe community and one near a number of attractions and resources, Fairview is a great place to start a family and raise children.  

There are several prestigious public schools in the Fairview area, and the borough is located near several private school institutions. The top public schools near Fairview are High Technology High School, Middletown High School South and Navesink Elementary School. The top private schools near Fairview are the Ranney School, Trinity Hall and Christian Brothers Academy.  

For young adults starting to think about college, Fairview is also near several notable universities. The most prestigious universities in New Jersey are Princeton University, Rutgers University-New Brunswick and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  

Outside of education, Fairview is also close to a number of family-friendly attractions including museums, outdoor parks, historical landmarks and more.  

Endless things to do 

No matter what you’re into, you can find a place to do it in or near Fairview.  

Looking to get outdoors for a run, hike or bike? Check out James J. Braddock Park, Hudson River Park or one of New Jersey’s 31 state parks. Island Beach State Park, Liberty State Park and Hacklebarney State Park are local favorites.  

Looking to make the most of a rainy day or learn more about your favorite subject? Check out some of the best museums in the country including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum.  

Looking to root for the home team? Attend a New Jersey Devils hockey (NHL) game at the Prudential Center, cheer on the New York Red Bulls as they take the pitch at Red Bull Arena or root for one of the area’s NFL teams. Both the New York Jets and New York Giants play their home games at MetLife Stadium (in New Jersey). 

Expansive job market 

Located near some of the densest metropolitan areas in the country, the Fairview job market is booming. Residents living in Fairview can compete for positions within New York City, Newark or the surrounding area.  

According to Investopedia, the largest industries in New Jersey include financial services, transportation and logistics and life sciences. While New Jersey’s role in the technology industry has decreased in recent years, the state is still a major player within the industry.  

The economy of New York is also deeply rooted in financial services but is also a major player in retail trade, manufacturing, education and healthcare industries. 

What are the Cons of Living in Fairview NJ? 

Every place has its own set of pros and cons and Fairview is no different. The main cons of living in Fairview are the area’s expensive cost of living, traffic, winter weather, high property taxes and state-wide congestion.  

Is Fairview an affordable place to live?  

Compared to the average cost of living in the United States, Fairview is a very expensive place to live. The borough is also very expensive when compared to the average cost of living throughout New Jersey.  

In a report from, the cost of living of Fairview was 40% more expensive than the average cost of living in the United States and about 20% more expensive than the average cost of living in New Jersey.  

The following table compares the cost of living of Fairview to the cost of living in several other cities with comparable populations.  

Fairview  NJ 140.1 
Mill Valley CA 281.1 
Beech Grove IN 79.6 
Greendale  WI 101.5 
Hobe Sound FL 107.9 

*Compared to a national average of 100 by  

Local traffic 

While Fairview’s metropolitan location allows it to pull from an expansive job market, the borough is also burdened with constant commuter traffic. At times, especially during rush hour, this traffic can be especially brutal. When it snows (more on that shortly), traffic can be even worse.  

The Fairview area is supported by a number of public transportation services. However, many New Jersey residents still rely on a personal vehicle to commute to work. These motorists alone can cause major gridlock throughout the state.  

Constant road construction and public upkeep also plays a role in New Jersey’s continued transportation and traffic problem.  

Winter weather 

Unless you’re from another snowy area of the country, winters in New Jersey can be an adjustment. Not only can winter temperatures be brutal, but the state consistently sees heavy annual snowfall. 

According to NOAA, the coldest month in Fairview is January with an average high of 39 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 26 degrees Fahrenheit. From November to March, the area averages four to five inches of snow per month.  

High property taxes 

Another con of living in Fairview is New Jersey’s high property taxes. New Jersey has the highest state property taxes in the country. It’s also worth noting that New Jersey has had the highest state property taxes for some time and the state seems committed to defending its taxing decisions.  

The average effective property tax in New Jersey is 2.13%, and Garden State residents pay an average of $9,774 in property taxes each year. This makes New Jersey one of the most expensive states to own real estate in.  

Aside from high property taxes, New Jersey residents also suffer from high personal income taxes (3rd highest in the country, 10.75%) and high sales taxes (8th highest in the country, 6.63%).   

Are you Moving to Fairview NJ?  

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