Best Pizza in Philadelphia: 8 Spots to Grab a Slice

Best Pizza in Philadelphia: 8 Spots to Grab a Slice

By: Sarah Dirks


January 16, 2023

A casual Friday night meal. Big game day snack. Movie night essential. One of the nation’s favorite go-to classics.


Cities like New York, Detroit and Chicago are known for their pies. But we think Philadelphia should be, too. As the city that popularized the tomato pie (square pizza, thick crust, red gravy and a dusting of cheese), the City of Brotherly Love should be a contender for one of the top pizza cities in the U.S.

If you’re in Philadelphia, you just have to grab a slice. So, we’ve compiled this list of the best pizza places in the Philly pizza scene. From tomato pie recipes that have been around for a century (literally), to trendy, unique slices, you can’t miss these pizzerias.

What are you waiting for? Go get some ‘za!

Pizza Jawn

Location: 4330 Main St., Philadelphia, PA 19127


This pizza joint takes pride in its dough. David (the pizza maker) has studied the art of dough-making for more than 10 years, ensuring his pizzas are downright delicious. Pizza Jawn started as a mobile pizza company and then opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Manayunk.

Pizza Jawn (originating from the term “joint,” the word “jawn” is Philadelphia slang for thing or place) serves up three types of pies including round (Neapolitan/New York-style hybrid), Detroit style, and Grandma-style (like a tomato pie with a sesame seed bottom). Any slice you choose will be unforgettable, but don’t forget to order a drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey on top.


Location: 100 ½ S. 21st St., Philadelphia, PA 19103


Looking for a playful pie you won’t find anywhere else? (Well, unless you visit Rome.) Rione is the answer! Chef/owner Francesco Crovetti is originally from Rome, and was pizza-obsessed from an early age. He received training from the Scuola Nazionale di Pizza in Rome, and has spent many years in the pizza business.

Rione offers pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice or “cut”), a common street food from Rome. The dough is made from scratch, and it’s known for its light, airy texture. Some ingredients are even imported from Italy to make the pizza experience both authentic and awesome.

Angelo’s Pizzeria

Location: 736 S. 9th St., Philadelphia, PA 19147


Like a pie with a competitive edge? You’ll need some competitive spirit to snag a pizza from Angelo’s Pizzeria! It’s first come, first served, cash only, takeout only and there’s usually a wait—but it’s worth it.

The sour, chewy homemade dough is what made Angelo’s famous, bolstered by a few rave reviews from national publications. They serve a few pizza styles including thick and thin-crust square pies and round pies. The Upside Down is one of their most popular pizzas, it’s a thick square crust with the sauce on top of the cheese.

Pizzeria Beddia

Location: 1313 N. Lee St., Philadelphia, PA 19122


Pizzeria Beddia started in 2013 as a small pizza joint—only serving 40 pizzas a night. Guests would stand in line for hours waiting for a slice of the best pizza in America. Unfortunately, that shop closed in 2018. Thankfully, Joe Beddia reopened Pizzeria Beddia as a full-service restaurant and bar in 2019, just a few blocks away from the original spot.

The new location offers a fine selection of wines, excellent apps and upscale pizza. Enjoy a casual, modern dining experience while getting into a piece of pie with Calabrian cream or spicy arrabbiata sauce. Everyone needs to try Pizzeria Beddia at least once (then you’ll keep coming back).

Pizza Shackamaxon

Location: 115 E. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125


Grab a slice of cheesy thin-crust pizza or terrific tomato pie from Pizza Shackamaxon. They actually moved into the old Pizzeria Beddia space in Fishtown, so there was a little pressure to ensure the pivotal pizza scene stayed up to par.

Walk-up only, no delivery, no phone—just some outstanding pie. The New School pizza makers at Pizza Shackamaxon are challenging pizza innovation while also rolling out incredible Philly classics like tomato pie.


Location: 310 W. Master St., Philadelphia, PA 19122


Farm to table? What about farm to kitchen to crust? Eeva’s menu slightly varies from week to week based on what is available from small producers. This restaurant serves minimalistic pizza, fresh apps and organic baked goods.

It doesn’t get any better than that. Be sure to contact Eeva’s to confirm what will be served that week. You can’t go wrong with fresh ingredients and fabulous dough, but don’t take our word for it!


Location: 2604 E. Somerset St., Philadelphia, PA 19134


Giovanni Tacconelli came to Philadelphia from Italy in 1918. He baked bread until the outbreak of World War II, and in 1946, he started making tomato pies (just like his mother taught him years before). Fresh-made dough, a little cheese and a whole lot of sauce baked in a brick oven.

At Tacconelli’s, each pie is baked fresh to order, so wait times may vary. It’s recommended to call ahead to reserve your dough!

Iannelli’s Bakery

Location: 1155 E. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19147


Opened in 1910, this bakery has been making tomato pies for more than a century—so you can bet they know how to do it right. Iannelli’s is only open 15 days of the entire year (dates announced on their social media accounts), but don’t panic. Vincent Iannelli has started shipping his tomato pies and red gravy (marinara sauce) across the nation.

Iannelli’s has stood the test of time, and remained one of the most popular pizza spots in town.

Sarcone’s Bakery

Location: 758 S. 9th St., Philadelphia, PA 19147


This fifth-generation Italian bakery in South Philly has been baking beautiful bread and popular pizzas for more than 90 years. It all started when Luigi Sarcone, an Italian Immigrant, opened Sarcone’s Bakery in 1918.

You can either order ahead online and pick up in-store, or just walk right in and order your traditional tomato pie. (There is no seating inside, takeout only!)

FAQs: Best Pizza in Philly

Q: What kind of pizza is Philly known for?

A: Philadelphia may not be your stereotypical pizza town, but it’s known for the tomato pie (a square pizza with focaccia-like bread, tomato sauce and a dusting of parmesan cheese).

Q: Does Philadelphia have a pizza style?

A: There are many styles of pizza available around town, but tomato pie continues to be the pizza most associated with Philadelphia.

Q: What place has the best pizza?

A: Many consider the best pizza in the world to be in Naples, Italy, but some other popular pizza cities include New York, Chicago, Detroit and even Philadelphia!

Q: What food is Philadelphia known for?

A: Philadelphia is known for a number of foods, some include Philly cheesesteaks, hoagies and tomato pie. You can learn more about Philly foods in our blog.

Down to the Crust: Best Pizza in Philly

Philadelphia is full of good eats and incredible pizza! Whether you’re looking for a classic Philly cheesesteak or some tasty soul food, the City of Brotherly Love has it all.

What pie will you try next? Comment below!

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