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Business Storage Solutions

At Store Space, we care about your local businesses. Whether you’re a contractor looking to keep tools and inventory safe, to an office manager in need of off-site document storage, to a crafter whose Etsy business is out-growing the kitchen table, we can help. Use our online storage finder or call us at 833-786-7366 to find the Store Space location nearest you.

What is Business Storage?

Business storage can mean a lot of different things to many different types of commercial, manufacturers and professional businesses. It can range from having a safe place to store documents to a convenient place to keep a work truck, or extra inventory storage and warehouse space.

Anyone from lawyers to eBay resellers, plumbers and HVAC contractors, to manufacturing and food truck operators can benefit from having affordable storage in a modern, clean facility.

No matter your line of work, self-storage offers a cost-effective solution to help you run your business more effectively and storage files

Advantages of Business Storage

Self-storage isn’t just for homeowners looking to declutter anymore. More and more businesses are finding it advantageous to rent storage spaces to augment their storefront or office space, or in some cases replace it altogether.

One of the biggest barriers to businesses is the cost of real estate. Rent costs can inhibit small businesses from getting off the ground. Moving to a new location can create another set of issues, such as losing an existing customer base, not being able to find the same amenities, or facing unwanted buildout and construction costs.

At Store Space, we know what’s important to local businesses. With multiple benefits like low rates, convenient access, enhanced security, and right-sized units, there’s never been a better time to get a storage unit for your business.

1) Price

The value of renting a storage unit can greatly outweigh the costs of relocating to a larger location. A 10’ by 10’ storage unit (100 sq. ft.) might cost $100 per month*, but that much space in a retail or office space might be quoted at $32 per square foot, or $3200 per month, not including moving costs, additional construction fees or other incidentals. With month-to-month rentals, you can plan for seasonal events and changes without being committed to a long-term contract.

Even better, Store Space publishes its rates and move-in promotions for all of our facilities, so you can be assured of getting the best rate and setting your budget accordingly.

2) Selection

Storage units come in a wide range of sizes, from small 5’ by 5’ units that are ideal for multiple boxes, to medium 10’ x 10’ units for seasonal inventory, up to 10’ by 30’ and even larger for warehousing needs.

Most commercial customers opt for drive-up storage units, which offer the convenience of car-side loading and unloading. Many of our facilities feature climate-controlled storage units to protect your items from the damaging effects of humidity. Indoor storage units are also available, with the advantage of storage safe from the elements.

Storage facilities often offer outdoor, covered or indoor vehicle storage options as well. Whether you’re looking to store cars, work trucks, specialized equipment or vehicles, our facilities offer easy access and affordable solutions, usually near the neighborhoods where you work.

3) Convenience

Storage facilities are designed for easy access, often with wide driveways and large entrance areas. Traditional facilities offer drive-up storage. Indoor storage units typically have truck-accessible loading bays and docks, and wide aisles to easily navigate to the storage unit. Facilities also have handcarts to borrow, to make your access even easier.

Plus, since we know the adage “Time = Money,” all our customers get extended gate access hours, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, allowing you to access your unit when it’s convenient for you.

4) Security and Protection

Store Space facilities are either fully fenced or entirely enclosed, and offer PIN controlled access points. Interior and exterior areas are well-lit and have automatic sensor lighting. Digital surveillance cameras watch our facilities 24 hours a day. Staff tour the facility and audit the grounds on a regular basis.

Selecting a safe storage facility lifts the burden of storing your products at home or parking your work vehicle on the street, where they might invite vandalism or theft. Plus, you have the key to your locked storage unit, limiting access to only those you designate.

Who Needs Business Storage?

A more accurate question might be “who doesn’t need more space?” Having the right amount of space is key to effectively running a business and is critical to your success. As a business grows, it’s not always viable to relocate to a larger facility, so a storage facility represents a cost-effective solution.

Professional Offices

a business meeting with laptopsMany types of businesses that are required to keep documents for a certain period of time often use self-storage facilities to store their files. Medical practices, for example, are required to keep patient records for 7 to 10 years after the patient’s last date of service. Lawyers are required to keep them from between 5 and 6 years. Even though we’re in the digital age, it sounds like paper and paper storage is going to be around for quite some time yet.

Unused office equipment can also take up vital space. Storing supplies, workstations and other extra equipment in a storage unit can free up office space to be used as it was intended.


Many restaurants open patios during the summer, but where does that furniture end up in the off-season? Chained up on the patio isn’t a great solution, because the tables and chairs are still exposed to the elements. Why not invest in storage space so you know that when the weather warms up, you won’t be scrambling to replace your patio furniture. Similarly, caterers and restaurants use storage facilities for banquet equipment such as tents, tables, chairs and linen.

Retail Shops

For many retail shop owners, the changing of the seasons means an influx of new goods and a cramped shop yet again. By using a storage unit for back inventory, retailers can better manage their retail space during busy times of the year.

Home Services Contractors

Many plumbing, HVAC and landscape contractors work out of their homes, which can intrude on family life and invite theft or vandalism. Because of this, many choose to store tools, parts, replacement equipment, even vehicles, at storage facilities.


Order fulfillment can be a challenge, especially if your shop space is limited. Instead of stacking everything up precariously, store it until you can ship it.

Independent Sellerslaptop for independent sellers using business storage

Whether you sell your creations on a site like Etsy or are an eBay reseller, don’t let your inventory take over your personal space. Some storage facilities also offer mailing, shipping and receiving services.

Sales and Pharmaceutical Reps

For reps who are required to keep a large inventory on hand, storage units make a great repository for sample products. Climate-controlled units can keep products stable even when the outside is bathed in extreme heat or cold.

Real Estate Agents and Home Stagers

The most successful real estate agents understand that staging a home can be an important factor in selling a house. The question then becomes, where are you going to keep enough extra furniture to fill an entire house? If you answered, “storage unit,” give yourself a hand! Plus, storage units make a great place to keep signs, banners, brochures and other items that are vital in completing the sale.

Features and Amenities to Look For

The features and amenities to look for at a storage facility will largely be determined by your line of work, what you plan to store, how frequently you need to access your unit, as well as many other factors.


All our facilities are clean, modern and inviting. We take extra care to ensure that all common and high-traffic areas are cleaned and sanitized frequently because your health, and that of our employees, is of prime importance.

Temperature Control

If you’re storing items like pharmaceuticals, wood or antiques, furniture or electronics, then it’s important to look for a climate-controlled storage unit. These are kept between 55 and 80 degrees year-round to mitigate the damaging effects of humidity, as well as heat and cold extremes.

Easy Access

For those who’ll need to access their unit on a frequent schedule, such as contractors, then drive-up storage units are key. As the name implies, these units allow car-side access for easy unloading and loading.

Protection from the Elements

Indoor storage can be critical for storing items needing extra protection from the elements. This can be especially important for anyone needing to spend additional time in a storage unit, such as for file retrieval, taking inventory and so on.

Vehicle Storage

Other considerations involve parking, especially if you’re looking to store a work truck or equipment. Many facilities offer gated parking options for parking, while other facilities have drive-up storage units, the larger of which can be used to store vehicles and equipment indoors.

Access Hours

Another important consideration is access. As a Store Space customer, you have gate access 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, so you can conduct your business when it’s convenient for you.

Account Management

An often-overlooked necessity is having options when it comes to managing your account. We understand that many customers want to be able to manage all aspects of their account from a smartphone or computer, which is why we offer MyStorage Portal. It allows for online account transactions such as bill pay, account history, as well as setting up autopay. Of course, you can always complete your transactions in our stores with a manager or by using our self-service kiosk, or even by calling our call center at 833-786-7366. Se habla español.


a lock on a storage unit

It’s also important to ensure your inventory will be protected at your storage unit. That’s why, in addition to enhanced security measures, our facilities have pest and rodent protection programs as well as fire suppression systems.

Access to Moving Supplies

For your convenience, all our stores sell boxes, tape, packaging supplies, and much more. This can help keep your business organized as well as provide backup shipping supplies.


Q: Can I run a business out of a storage unit?

A: You can perform many business functions out of a storage unit, including inventory, equipment storage and order fulfillment, however many business functions are not allowed. Check with your local store manager to verify if your nearest location offers additional services like shipping, receiving and mailing, plus office or conference room rentals. Read your rental contract for additional details about what you can and cannot do in a storage unit. 

Q: Is a business storage unit tax deductible?

A: Yes, using a storage unit for business-related storage is a tax-deductible expense.

Q: Do storage facilities accept deliveries?

A: Yes, some facilities may accept parcels on behalf of customers. Please check with the store manager to see if this is available at a store near you.

Q: Can you use a storage unit as a shop?

A: No, commercial storage units can be used for storage, but not to operate machinery or work on vehicles, for example.

Rent a Business Storage Unit

Now that you know more about your business storage options, it’s time to take action. Check out the Store Space facilities near you to see our business storage options online, stop by a local facility or call us at 833-786-7366 to talk to one of our storage professionals. Se habla español.

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