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Personal Storage Solutions from Store Space

At Store Space, our motto is “Storage That Cares.” We know that your personal possessions have value, either monetary or sentimental, so we do our utmost to care for them as if they were our own. We do this by providing state-of-the-art security and modern features and amenities including climate-controlled storage units and more.

Store Space Self Storage offers a wide variety of storage solutions to solve your personal storage needs. Our storage units come in a variety of sizes, including popular sizes like 5’ x 5’ (25 sq. ft.), 10’ x 10’ (100 sq. ft.) and 10’ x 20’ (200 sq. ft.). Whatever your needs, we have the right size storage unit size for you. 

We have storage facilities across the United States and are continuing to expand. Search for a Store Space location near you to learn what storage options are available there. 

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Do I Need Personal Storage?

There are many reasons why renting a storage unit becomes an invaluable resource. With ever-changing events in our lives and lifestyle changes, a self-storage unit can be the perfect short-term or long-term solution.

Here are Just a Few Ways a Personal Storage Unit Can Help:

  • Home Renovation Projects – Keep your furniture, appliances and fixtures safe during home renovation by storing them. When re-doing a space for a child, parent, or a home office, store the excess until it’s needed later.
  • Relocation – While waiting for a home purchase to close or construction to be completed, use storage to keep your items safe during the transition.
  • Downsizing – Once the kids are out of the house, it often makes sense to move to a cozier, more cost-effective house. But if they aren’t ready to take their belongings, store them until they can claim them.
  • Working Abroad/Deployed – While abroad for work or deployed with the military, it’s important to keep your possessions safe. Don’t make your home a target!
  • Divorce – Don’t leave your personal possessions in the care of your ex. Keep them safe during divorce proceedings until you can re-establish your new life.
  • The Passing of a Loved One – Death is never easy to deal with, so it’s important to trust that things will be safe until it’s time to settle the estate.
  • Seasonal Items – Storage units are perfect for seasonal items, like patio furniture and garden equipment in the winter, snow blowers and shovels in the winter, not to mention the totes full of holiday decorations.
  • College Students – Students often change dorms and apartments between years, so rather than lug everything across the country, store it during the summer. It’s also a great place to store things while taking a semester abroad or during a “gap year.”
  • Collectors – Whether you’re collecting sports cards, comic books, toy cars or classic cars, a storage unit can protect your prized possessions.

At Store Space, you can choose between drive-up storage, climate-controlled storage , or indoor storage. We even have vehicle storage if you need to store a car, boat or RV. If you need assistance deciding which is right for you, Store Space is here to help.

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Find a Store Space Location Nearby

Use our handy store locator to find a Store Space location near you to see what storage options are available. It only makes sense to store your belongings with a storage company with the motto: “Storage That Cares.” Our goal is to deliver best-in-class service. Store Space’s professional management team will make you feel like family.

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