Boat Storage at Store Space Self Storage

Boat Storage Solutions

At Store Space Self Storage, we offer a wide variety of storage solutions for your boat and other types of watercrafts. These solutions are less expensive than a dry dock and give you access to your boat when you need it. Read about our boat storage solutions below, and search for a Store Space near you to find out what’s available in your area.

Standard Boat Storage

Our standard boat storage solution provides spaces up to 40’ to store your boat on our property. A security fence encloses the property, and a computer-controlled gate access system limits who can enter, while giving you access to your vessel when you need it. A 24-hour digital surveillance system adds another layer of protection for your watercraft.

Covered Boat Storage

Choose our covered boat storage solution to get the same features and benefits as the standard solution, with the addition of a roof. We can accommodate boats and their trailers with a height as high as 20’. This cover will protect your boat from rain, hail, snow and UV damage.

Interior Boat Storage

If you want additional protection, our interior boat storage solution provides it inside our storage facility. Units can hold a vessel up to 35’ in length, with trailer. Access to your boat or other watercraft and the area it’s stored in is regulated by a computer-controlled gate access system. We watch over the property 24 hours a day with a digital surveillance system.

Find a Store Space near you to see what boat storage options are available. Get your watercraft safe with us!

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