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Affordable Storage Units in Indianapolis, IN with Premium Features

The search for cheap storage units in Indianapolis doesn't need to take you 500 miles around in a circle. Just make a pit stop at your local Store Space Self Storage for the premium features you deserve, but at prices you can afford.

Our facilities offer a wide range of storage space options, including climate-controlled storage units, vehicle storage, indoor storage and much more. All our facilities offer advanced security features, and monthly leases so you can rent for exactly as long as you need.

Not only that, it's easy to rent the way you want. Stop in to use our self-service kiosk, talk to our in-store managers, or even click or call for a Touchless Rental.

Visit our Indianapolis locations at the addresses below for customer service or click over to our store pages to see what’s available.


Learn About Self Storage Facilities in Indianapolis

Whether you're a homeowner or renter being crowded out of house and home by all your stuff, or a small business owner in dire need of additional inventory space, we have a wide variety of units in your zip code to accommodate all your needs, and your budget!

Garfield Park

Store Space Self Storage at 2715 Madison Ave. – Located off Madison Avenue between Southern Avenue and East Troy, by O'Reilly Auto Parts and Planet Fitness. Come see us in-store, make a Touchless Rental online, or call 317-900-4366 to rent storage units in Indianapolis' Garfield Park neighborhood.


Store Space Self Storage at 1426 W 29th Street – We are between East Riverside Drive and North Harding Street, close to Riverside High School and Taggart Park. Come see us in-store, make a Touchless Rental online, or call 317-900-4585 to rent storage units in Indianapolis' Riverside neighborhood.

Near Northside

Store Space Self Storage at 2455 Central Ave – Find us at the corner of 25th Street and Central Avenue, in the Fall Creek Place neighborhood. Our new storage facility features climate-controlled storage in a wide variety of unit sizes. Come see us in-store, make a Touchless Rental online, or call 317-449-0058 to rent storage in Indianapolis Near Northside.

If you want to know more about the types of storage we offer and what makes us love Indianapolis, keep reading!

Types of Self Storage Units Available in Indy

We understand that even a few boxes can make the difference between feeling cramped and crowded, no matter what size place you call home. We also know that businesses of all sizes can benefit from additional storage, whether it's for offsite record-keeping, inventory or equipment storage.

We offer a wide range of storage unit sizes, with the amenities you're looking for:

  • Small Storage Units (often less than 100 sq. ft.) – These are great for multiple boxes, as well as a piece or two of furniture. Most popular: 5x5 and 5x10.
  • Medium Storage Units (often between 100 and 150 sq. ft.) – Can hold the contents of a small apartment, including furniture. Most popular: 10x10 and 10x15.
  • Large Storage Units (more than 150 sq. ft.) – Larger homes and business inventory fit well in these units. Most popular: 10x20 and larger.
  • Vehicle Storage (up to 40 ft. in length) – Great for campers, RVs, boats, trailers, cars, even work trucks.


Climate Controlled Storage

Humidity can be the enemy of items stored for a long period of time (or stored incorrectly), which is why we offer climate-controlled storage at our Indianapolis self-storage locations. By regulating the temperature of these units year-round, the damage done to sensitive items like furniture, fabrics, electronics and other media, can be largely mitigated. This helps keep all of your belongings safe!

Indoor Storage

Our climate-controlled storage units are inside an enclosed building, which protects visitors from the outdoor weather. Indoor storage units are often behind a restricted access point, adding another layer of security as well.

Drive Up Access Storage

As the name suggests, drive-up storage is easily accessible by car or truck. Just drive up to the unit, roll up the door and voila, you're ready to load or unload at your storage unit. Visit our Madison Avenue location for drive-up units.

Vehicle Storage

There's so much to enjoy in Indiana, from camping and hiking to fishing and boating to off-roading, and so much more. But maybe the idea of finding a safe place to store your power toys in the off-season or between adventures has prevented you from pulling the trigger?

No more! Your Indianapolis Store Space facilities offer a wide range of vehicle storage options for cars, trucks, RVs, boats and more. Take advantage of our low rates and monthly rentals to get the storage you need, when you need it.

Car Storage

If you've got more cars than garage space and are dreading the idea of keeping your cars parked on the street, it's time to invest in car storage. Whether you're a car collector or just saving the family minivan until your teenager comes of driving age, Indianapolis Store Space facilities have the car storage you need.

Cars and most trucks fit in 10x20 drive-up storage units. Outdoor vehicle storage can also be used, which is in a gated section of the facility. Drive-up storage is available at Madison Avenue and gated outdoor parking space is available at all Indianapolis locations, including West 29th Street.

Motorcycle Storage

Except for the most hardcore riders, motorcycles are limited to three seasons in Indiana. Roll into any of our drive-up storage units to keep your ride protected from the elements when you're not on the road. Visit our Madison Avenue location for drive-up units that can be used for motorcycle storage.

Tip: Side by sides can also be stored in drive-up units 10x15 or larger.

Boat Storage

Getting out on the water is a passion, but the weather can be a limiting factor in enjoying all of Indiana's waterways. Don't try to store your boat your paddleboard in your apartment or your ski boat in your garage! Just sail over to Madison Avenue for drive-up storage (personal watercraft up to 7 ft. tall). Gated outdoor parking for boat storage is available at all Indianapolis Store Space locations, including West 29th Street.

Tip: Make sure to include your trailer's length and added height when booking storage.

Recreational Vehicles

It's no surprise that Indiana's license plates once sported the phrase "wander" since there are so many great places to travel both in-state and throughout the Midwest (and beyond).

Whether you've got a small pop-up camper, a 40-ft. fifth wheel or an RV, Store Space has a wide range of RV storage solutions at our Indianapolis locations, including West 29th Street. Our Madison Avenue location has the added benefit of indoor climate-controlled storage for larger vehicles!

Tip: When measuring a trailer, make sure to include the tongue in the overall length.


skyline of indianapolis, in, at nightIndianapolis skyline at night. Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much is a storage unit rental in Indianapolis?

A: Rates start as low as $40/month in Indianapolis, but there are many factors that determine the price of a storage unit, including the location of the facility, its features, and the size of the unit. Fortunately, we shop the competition to keep our rates low, and we always publish our current rates directly on our store pages for you to see.

Q: What forms of payment does Store Space accept?

A: We accept various forms of payment, including checks and cash at our facilities, as well as major credit cards.

Q: What does a 10x10 storage unit rental cost?

A: Rates and availability of 10x10 storage units vary by location. These units are among the most popular and can hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. Check our store pages to see what new customers can expect to pay at any Store Space location. 

Q: How much does a 10x30 storage unit rental cost?

A: Rates and availability of 10x30 storage units vary by location. A 10x30 storage unit is about one-and-a-half times the size of a one-car garage and can be expected to hold the contents of a 4-bedroom home, including furniture and large appliances. 

Q: Can you spend the night in a storage unit?

A: No, it's against local and state laws to stay overnight or live in a storage unit and can be dangerous. Stay safe, people!

Q: What size storage unit do I need in Indianapolis, IN?

A: The size storage unit you'll need is largely determined by the number of possessions you'll be storing. Our Self Storage Guide goes into more detail about the types of storage units available, the features and amenities you'll find at most storage facilities, as well as items you can store in the most popular units. 

Q: What does climate-controlled storage in Indianapolis feature? 

A:  Just like our standard storage units at Store Space in Indianapolis, climate-controlled storage units offer convenient hours, free reservations, keypad access, flexible rent options, and free parking.

Q: Why do storage units require insurance in Indianapolis? 

A:  Items kept in self-storage in Indianapolis should be insured for their protection in the event of burglary, fire, vandalism, or other harmful occurrences. You can check with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies to see if they include off-site storage unit coverage, or opt to purchase a separate storage unit insurance plan.

Q: What payment options are available for self-storage? 

A: We want to make paying for your self-storage as convenient as possible. That's why we offer a range of payment methods to suit your needs. You can choose to receive invoices by mail or electronically. Our online payment system through the MyStorage Portal allows you to make secure payments from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer more traditional methods, you can pay by mail, over the phone, or in person at the storage facility with the help of a store employee or the self-service kiosk. 

Q: How do I know what unit size to choose in Indianapolis? 

A: When it comes to selecting a unit size in Indianapolis, self-storage facilities offer a wide range of options. It's important to assess your storage needs and consider the items you plan to store. Most facilities categorize unit sizes as small, medium, and large, with multiple configurations available within each category. To make an informed decision, refer to our size guide or consult our experienced storage professionals.

A Better Indianapolis Storage Units Experience

Store Space Self Storage locations in the Indianapolis area offer a wide selection of inexpensive storage units for rent. Our storage facilities are strategically located across the metro area.

We make it easy to find storage. Use our storage finder and enter your address, city & state, or zip code to locate the Store Space facility nearest you and discover why Store Space cares about Indianapolis.


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