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  • Find Storage in Cincinnati
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  • No Credit Card, No Obligations 
  • Storage Units in Cincinnati 
  • Find Storage in Cincinnati
  • Reserve or Rent a Unit Online 
  • No Credit Card, No Obligations 
  • Storage Units in Cincinnati 

Storage Units in Cincinnati

Finding affordable storage in Cincinnati is easier than choosing your favorite chili. Just head over to your nearest Store Space Self Storage facility for affordable storage solutions and premium features.

No matter how much you have to store, we have a storage unit that's just the right size. Plus, our facilities have a wide range of features and amenities to ensure your items are safe while stored with us.

It's never been easier to rent a storage unit in Cincinnati. Stop in any store and use the self-service kiosk or talk with our store managers, who'll answer all your questions. We also offer Touchless Rentals that can be made online with a few clicks, or by calling.

Visit our Cincinnati metro locations at the addresses below or click over to our store pages to see what we have in store for you.


Cincinnati Store Space Facilities

Homeowners, renters and small business owners can all benefit from storage. Whether you've got a few seasonal items to store, an entire household worth of possessions, or inventory and documents to keep safe, Store Space has the self-storage units you need.

Cincinnati – Northside

Store Space Self Storage is located at 4015 Cherry St – We are conveniently located in the Northside district, on Cherry Street between Hoffner Street and Blue Rock Street close to I-74. Come see us in-store, make a Touchless Rental online, or call 513-599-8886 to rent storage units in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Features and amenities at this facility include:

  • Drive-Up Storage Units
  • Indoor Storage Units
  • Unit Sizes From 5x5 to 12x40
  • ADA Accessible Storage Units & Parking
  • Moving and Packing Supplies Sold In-Store
  • 10% Discount For Active Military & Veterans
  • Coming Soon: Climate-Controlled Storage

Cincinnati Metro – Newport, KY

Store Space Self Storage is located in Newport, KY at 515 W 9th St – Our Newport facility is conveniently located at the corner of 9th and Mill, right next to Beacon Printing. Come see us in-store, make a Touchless Rental online, or call 859-395-0008 to rent storage units in Newport, KY.

Features and amenities at this facility include:

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units
  • Drive-Up Storage Units
  • Indoor Storage Units
  • Unit Sizes from 5x10 to 10x20
  • ADA Accessible Parking
  • Boxes, Tape, Packing Materials & Security Locks Available in Our Office

Cincinnati Metro – Walton, KY

Store Space Self Storage located in Walton at 13286 Walton-Verona Road – Our Walton facility is just ¾ of a mile from I-75. Come see us in-store, make a Touchless Rental online, or call 859-600-0107 to rent storage units in Walton, KY.

Features and amenities at this location:

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units 
  • Indoor Storage Units
  • Drive-Up Storage Units
  • Vehicle Storage Options
  • Unit Sizes from 5x5 to 10x30
  • ADA Accessible Parking
  • Boxes, Tape, Packing Materials Available in Our Office

Southwestern Ohio – Amelia

Store Space Self Storage is located in Amelia at 1359 W Ohio Pike – This facility is conveniently located to serve Withamsville, Amelia, Hamlet and the surrounding towns. Come see us in-store, make a Touchless Rental online, or call 513-486-0023 to rent storage units in Amelia, OH.

Features and amenities at this location:

  • Drive-Up Storage Units
  • Indoor Storage Units
  • Many Sizes Available, from 5x5 to 10x30
  • Vehicle Storage
  • ADA Accessible Parking
  • Boxes, Tape, Packing Materials Available in Our Office

Southwestern Ohio – Hamilton

Store Space Self Storage is located in Hamilton at 1030 S Erie Blvd – We are on the east side of the river, less than a mile south of High Street. Come see us in-store, make a Touchless Rental online, or call 513-854-6646 to rent storage units in Hamilton, OH.

Features and amenities at this location:

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units
  • Drive-Up Storage Units
  • Vehicle Storage Solutions
  • Many Sizes Available, from 5x5 to 30x15
  • Vehicle Storage up to 30 ft.
  • ADA Accessible Parking
  • Boxes, Tape, Packing Materials Available in Our Office

Types of Storage Available

It doesn't take much to move the needle from "comfortable" to "crowded," no matter if you're in a small apartment, a multi-room house, an office building or a brick-and-mortar retail shop. Just a few extra boxes over here, a new piece of furniture there, and everything is out of whack.

Because of this, we offer a wide range of sizes, plus features that combine convenience, affordability and utility.

Some of our more popular sizes are listed below:

  • Small Storage Units – Store multiple boxes, as well as a piece or two of furniture. Most popular: 5x5 and 5x10.
  • Medium Storage Units – Can hold a small apartment, including furniture. Most popular: 10x10 and 10x15.
  • Large Storage Units – The contents of a 3- to 4-bedroom home or business inventory fit well. Most popular: 10x20 and larger.
  • Vehicle Storage – Great for campers, RVs, boats, trailers, cars, even work trucks. Up to 30 ft. in length.


Climate Controlled Storage Units

The southwest Ohio climate can be humid, which is not good for sensitive items being stored long-term. Fortunately, climate-controlled storage units mitigate much of humidity's damaging effect on documents and other paper products, wood, fabric and electronics, to name a few. Visit either Cincinnati location, Hamilton, Walton or Newport for these units. 

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage units offer an added layer of security (a PIN is required to enter the building), and visitors are protected from the elements while on site. Indoor units can be climate-controlled or not. Visit either Cincinnati location, Amelia, Walton or Newport for these units. 

Drive Up Storage Units

For the ultimate convenience of car-side loading and unloading, select drive-up storage units. AS the name suggests, you can drive your car or truck right up to the door, roll it open, and easily access your unit. These units are sometimes climate-controlled but most often are not. Visit Northside, Amelia, Hamilton, Newport and Walton for drive-up storage. 

Vehicle Storage

Storage facilities can be used to store all manner of vehicles, from cars, trucks and motorcycles, to RVs, boats, side by sides, trailers and much more. Many facilities offer vehicle storage in drive-up units, in gated outdoor parking spots, or both. If you're not sure of the size or other requirements, please check with the store manager.  

Car Storage

Gated outdoor car storage spaces typically start at 10x20. For storage in a drive-up unit, cars typically need a 10x20 or larger.

Side by Side and Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle storage requires a 5x10 drive-up storage unit, or larger. Some side by sides can fit in 10x10 units. If trailered, make sure you account for your overall trailer length when measuring. Three-wheeled motorcycles need a 10x15 unit or larger.

Boat Storage

Personal watercraft (jet skis) and smaller boats can be stored in drive-up storage units (provided they fit through the 7-ft.-tall door). Larger boat storage needs a gated outdoor space. Portable watercraft, like paddleboards, canoes and kayaks, can be stored in indoor or drive-up units.

Recreational Vehicles

RV storage is a staple of many self-storage facilities. Pop-up campers and pull-behind trailers can often be stored in drive-up units (provided they fit through the 7-ft.-tall door). Larger fifth wheels, RVs and campers and so on can be stored in dedicated outdoor storage.

What we Like About Cincinnati

It’s easy to think of oneself as royalty if you live in The Queen City. With several large employers, art and culture opportunities, some great restaurants and professional sports teams, Cincinnati is a vibrant and diverse place to call home. Let's explore some of the things you can find, do and experience in The 'Nati. 


Cincinnati's roots stretch back to the late 18th Century, when settlements started appearing in the area, followed by Fort Washington. Strategically located on the Ohio River, the city became incorporated in 1819 and was an important stop for anyone headed west.

Because of its proximity to Kentucky (a slave state), Cincinnati was an important stop on the Underground Railroad. The city was also home to a large number of German and Irish immigrants, all of whom didn't always get along, but established Cincy as one of the country's most diverse cities. 


Cincinnati has long been home to three Fortune 500 companies: Procter & Gamble (founded 1837), The Kroger Company (1883), and Fifth Third Bank (1858). Kroger is the area's leading employer, followed by the University of Cincinnati.

The area's median home value is lower that the national average ($138,000 vs. $217,500 according to, and rent is also below the national average ($738 vs. $1,062, Niche). 

Cityscape and Culture

The downtown area has undergone revitalization efforts in recent years from new business investments, while still keeping its historic appeal.

Notable buildings like the art deco Carew Tower to the modern Great American Tower at Queen City Square, and the Ingalls Building (the first reinforced concrete skyscraper) define the city's skyline, while downtown businesses and activities center around Fountain Square.

The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge is recognizable as the city's connection to Covington, Kentucky. At 1,057 feet, it was also the world's longest suspension bridge until its designer opened the Brooklyn Bridge a few years later.  

Also under revitalization is the Riverfront Area, home to Smale Riverfront Park, which is bookended by Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park.

Besides the many notable and historic buildings in the area, Cincinnati is also home to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, the sixth-oldest zoo in the United States. 

Make sure to check out the Cincinnati Art Museum, plus the many professional theater companies, including Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Cincinnati Opera, The Performance Gallery and many more.

Don't forget about the musical arts, including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Boychoir and Cincinnati Ballet


The food that Cincinnati is known for, chili, is the talk of the town. Locals have their own lingo when it comes to ordering their "5-ways" or "coneys." Picking one of the main chains over the other—Skyline Chili or Gold Star—is likely to determine who your friends really are. Ohioans who've moved away bemoan the loss of their regional favorite.

But what is Cincinnati chili? It's spiced ground beef cooked in tomato paste served over spaghetti (or hot dogs, a.k.a. coneys) and topped with cheese, onions and/or beans. 

The "way" determines which combination of toppings. For instance, a 5-way would be layers of spaghetti, chili, beans, onions and cheese, while asking for a "four-way, onions" would be code to hold the beans.

The spices used in its preparation are also unique. Whereas most people think of chili powder, red pepper flakes and jalapenos in chili con carne, but Cincy-style is all about the Mediterranean spices. Think cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves and so on.

But you can't live on Cincinnati chili alone. Fortunately, there are a number of gourmet and notable restaurants in Cincinnati.

Start with restaurants in the Jean-Robert French Restaurant Group. Celebrity chef Jean-Robert de Cavel served as head chef at The Maisonette, which before closing was one of the United States' most highly rated restaurants. 

De Cavel has since opened many establishments in the region, including French Crust Cafe & Bistro, Le Bar a Boeuf and Frenchie Fresh Burger Bar.

Also notable around town is Arnold's Bar and Grill. Opened in 1861, it's the oldest continuously operating bar in Cincinnati and one of the oldest in the country. Arnold's has been featured on many movies and TV shows. It also appears in many best-of lists, most recently named one of the top 150 bars in the United States by The Daily Meal in 2018

For a change of pace, remember Cincinnati is also home to Frish's Big Boy, Graeter's Ice Cream, LaRosa's Pizzeria and more.


With three professional sports teams and two NCAA Division I colleges, Cincinnati is a bona fide sports town.

The Cincinnati Reds are one of the oldest and most successful franchises in Major League Baseball. The Reds have won five World Series titles since they took to the diamond in 1882. 

The Cincinnati Bengals have played in the National Football League's biggest game twice (1981 and 1988), but don't have a Super Bowl title, yet, although drafting a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback in 2020 has given them a seed of hope.

FC Cincinnati jumped up to Major League Soccer in 2019 and play their home games at TQL Stadium in the West End neighborhood.

As for college athletics, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats have twice won the NCAA Division I Basketball Championship (1961 and 1962). In football, the Bearcats have won 15 conference championships in football, most recently the 2020 American Athletic Conference championship.

Although they've never made it to the Final Four, the Xavier Musketeers are one of the perennial top teams in D-I college hoops, making the NCAA Tournament 27 times, earning a No. 1 seed in 2018. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand you have questions, so we’ve answered some of the most common ones below. If your question is not answered here, you can always reach out to any of our facilities or our Care Center at 833-786-7366.

Q: What should be stored in a climate-controlled unit in Cincinnati?

A: Consider storing electronics and battery-operated devices in climate-controlled storage units. The temperature regulation of these units can keep the battery fluids from overheating or freezing. Additionally, many people store furniture, antiques, and appliances in climate-controlled storage to help avoid the effects of extreme weather. 

Q: Do storage units have insurance in Cincinnati?

A: It’s always recommended to have storage unit insurance for your stored items in Cincinnati. Sometimes, storage unit insurance is included in a renter’s insurance plan or home insurance plan, but it’s best to check with your policy provider to be sure. You can also opt to purchase a basic storage unit insurance plan as a stand-alone.

Q: How do I pay for self-storage?

A: Invoices can be mailed or delivered electronically based on your preference. Payments can be made online using MyStorage Portal, via mail, via phone, or in person with the assistance of a store employee or by using the self-service kiosk. Autopay can be selected on MyStorage Portal and funds will automatically be deducted from your account on the first of each month.

Q: Should I have a lock for my storage unit?

A: We strongly advise having a lock for your storage unit. For maximum protection, we recommend using a high-security disc lock. You can easily purchase these locks from our rental office, providing an additional layer of security for your storage unit.

Q: How much is a storage unit in Cincinnati?

A: The price of a storage unit varies greatly based on a number of factors. At Store Space, we won't keep you in the dark—our rates are published on our store pages, as are our money-saving move-in promotions for new customers.

Q: What does a 10 by 10 storage unit look like?

A: A 10x10 storage unit is the most commonly available size. At 100 sq. ft., it's half the size of a one-car garage and features a 7-ft. tall roll-up door and an 8-ft. ceiling. A 10x10 can hold the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment, with furniture.

Q: Are pods cheaper than storage units?

A: Overall, the cost of a storage unit will be cheaper than a storage pod of comparable size. Other factors to consider are available sizes (storage facilities have more variety), and accessibility (stored remotely, access to a pod is either limited or not allowed).

Q: Is it illegal to live in a storage unit in Ohio?

A: Yes, it is illegal! It’s also against local housing laws. (Also, storage units lack running water, plumbing, power, and you could be trapped inside.

We Serve the Following Cities Near Cincinnati

Our Cincinnati storage locations are also minutes away from:

What's Next? 

Now that you know a little more about The Queen City and Store Space's storage options across the metro, it's time to stop by or give us a call. Use our store finder for the location nearest you and get storing today!

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