10 Small Home Gym Ideas That Will Inspire You

10 Small Home Gym Ideas That Will Inspire You

By: Nicholas Sollitto


September 26, 2022

Home gyms have never been hotter. Interest swelled during the early days of COVID-19 restrictions, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Millions of Americans have now developed a home workout routine they are excited to stick with and for good reason.

In their essence, home gyms represent a collective shift toward a more independent and self-motivated society. Americans no longer need a corporation (or expensive monthly contract) to motivate them (or guilt them) to sweat. They are satisfied trading luxury smoothie bars and expensive group classes for increased convenience, comfort and the ability to take their health and wellness goals into their own hands.

Are you looking to create a home gym of your own, but don’t think you have the space? Well, keep reading to get inspired by our curated list of 10 small home gym ideas, perfect for your small home or apartment.

10 Ideas for Small-Space Gyms in Your Home 

From minimal garage set-ups to office nooks, these 10 small home gym ideas are sure to save space and raise your heart rate.

1. Save space with a spare room gym

Turn a spare room into a stylish workout zone that inspires you to get active. This home gym not only utilizes extra space in a spare bedroom but also combines natural light, greenery and gym equipment to create an invigorating workout space.

Notice the vertical mirror, which helps open the space and the compact elliptical, which leaves enough room for a floor workout with kettlebells and exercise blocks. The mounted television is perfect for displaying exercise videos or streaming Netflix.

2. Get active and get work done with an office gym conversion

Get the best of both worlds by converting a portion of your home office into a tiny home gym. This home gym idea takes advantage of an awkward nook to create a workout area with maximum design in minimal space.

Struggling to find the energy to get through the workday? By converting a portion of your home office, you can easily transition from desk to elliptical for a quick energizing workout.

3. Construct a garden room (if you have the backyard space for one)

While backyard space is a luxury for most of us, those who have quite a bit of it should consider constructing a garden room to host their home gym. The room pictured here is the perfect size for a complete workout space. By adding gym equipment and exercise gear, a space such as this one can be transformed into the perfect small home gym.

Garden rooms work well as home gyms, offices and creative studios because they are removed from the home. This separation will help you differentiate a garden room as a place of fitness, work or inspiration.

4. Take your workouts outside with an outdoor gym

If you don’t have the time, budget or energy to construct a garden room, the next best idea is to simply move your home gym outside. Admittedly, this idea works best in fair-weather regions of the country. However, weather-resistant workout equipment makes it possible to create an outdoor gym anywhere.

This outdoor gym takes advantage of unused space alongside the side of a home. Notice how the free weights and bench press are positioned spaciously to allow for ample workout room.

5. Create a compact gym in your garage (and keep the car covered)

This small home gym idea shows that its possible to create a workout space in your garage that allows your car to remain protected. Protective gym mats help distinguish one-half of the garage as a workout space, while compact exercise equipment helps complete the space-saving layout.

With this home gym idea, you will have the freedom to work out with the garage door open or closed depending upon your mood and the weather. This small home gym hack pleases the eye with gorgeous aesthetics while saving space.

6.  Upgrade an underutilized corner in your home into a yoga studio

Convert an underutilized corner of your home to create a soothing yoga space. The yoga corner pictured here takes advantage of natural lighting and well-arranged candles to create a minimalistic workout space. By using neutral colors throughout the space (yoga mat, blanket, walls, etc.), this home gym idea becomes welcoming and immersive.

Create a similar space in even the tiniest corner of your home by choosing elements and colors that soothe and inspire you.

7. Remodel your basement (or a portion of it)

Has your basement rec room become a haven for spiders, rather than your favorite hangout spot? Try remodeling it into a basement home gym. You also can choose a hybrid between the two rooms and rededicate a section of your basement to become a home gym like the example included above.

This basement home gym takes advantage of ample wall space by mounting several racks for weight bars, belts and resistance bands. Lightweight, bulky items, such as the exercise ball in this home gym, can also be stored on racks close to the ceiling to maximize space.

8. Carve out space for a small home gym in your bedroom

For many, like the Instagram user responsible for the post above, carving out a bedroom gym is exciting and inspiring. Keeping your home gym inside the bedroom eliminates the potential for excuses. Gone are the days of saying, “I forgot to work out today.” Your exercise equipment will be the first thing you see when you wake and the last thing you see before falling asleep.

The home gym included above uses a bookshelf to separate fitness equipment from the rest of the bedroom. Moving the squat rack away from the wall also creates enough room for pull-ups and other exercises, while the mirror behind the squat rack is well-positioned for gym selfies.

9. Reclaim your attic as a small home gym haven

Attics are often an afterthought filled with cobwebs and forgotten Christmas decorations. However, this home gym idea proves with a little work, your attic can be converted into a creative workout space.  If you do decide to convert your attic into a space-saving home gym, make sure the floor can handle heavy equipment.

If your attic can’t support heavy equipment, use resistance bands, exercise balls and other lightweight equipment instead.

10. Focus on your goals and make a small home gym in your living room

If all else fails, put your treadmill and squat rack in your living room, as pictured above. This set-up might not be the best for entertaining guests, but if gains are your goal, a living room home gym can certainly make it happen.

Make sure to place workout mats and padding under each piece of equipment to protect your living room’s flooring.

Small Gym FAQs:

What do I need for a small home gym?

Everyone’s goals and needs are different, but here are some of the most basic needs for any home gym. At the very least, most home gyms should have dumbbells, workout mats, resistance bands and an exercise ball.

How do you make a small room into a gym?

You can easily make any small room into a gym by following these steps:

  1. Remove excess clutter
  2. Define your equipment and space needs
  3. Add extra shelves and racks to maximize wall space
  4. Use workout mats and padding to protect floors
  5. Place your workout equipment
  6. Use mirrors to make space appear larger
  7. Add final touches, such as a drink station

What do you need for a basic gym at home?

When creating a basic gym at home, it is important to remember that your specific fitness goals will determine what equipment and space you need. If you love yoga, you will likely need a mat, blocks, straps and a space to practice. If you are looking to take your HIIT workout to the next level, you will need free weights and a treadmill (or space outside) to alternate between strength training and conditioning.

Are home gyms worth it?

Home gyms are certainly worth it, especially for those interested in developing a healthy workout routine. Over the last few years, largely motivated by COVID-19 restrictions, a large percentage of Americans have migrated away from public gyms. The average gym membership costs $58 monthly ($290/yr), while a home gym won’t cost you anything after initial set-up costs.

Wrapping Up: Small Home Gym Ideas

Hopefully, these small home gym ideas have motivated you to remodel your basement, convert your spare bedroom or otherwise make space for a home gym. If you find yourself needing more space while setting up your new home gym, consider the benefits of self-storage.

Store Space is equipped with professional storage solutions across the United States. Find the storage facility nearest to you by using our storage finder!

Let us know what your home gym plans are in the comments below!

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